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29th June 2008, 05:14 PM
After testing the futura 101 in comparison with my s-type 104, my GT-11 GPS told me the futura was the faster board for me. PR on the first run, did not even fine tune, unbelievable! But above all, I loved the ride and the ease the futura brought me the speed with. And I do think the futura planes earlier than my 104 does. I don't like the RS4 7.2 on my Isonic 125 (to small), and it was on the max of my 104 - but felt perfect on the 101.
Could make myself a good deal at my local dealer, so changed the 104 for the 101. Althought it hurted a little to see the 104 go I'm glad with the 101!

Yesterday I was out on the water with the 101 with RS4 7.2, great combo, used the Tectonics falcon f1 fin, 36 cm. Other sails I want to use are RS4 6.2 and RS4 5.4. Does anybody has some advice on fin size? Experiences? Would the RS4 5.4 be to small for the Futura 101, because of its width of 65 cm? I don't mind buying extra fins.

Fins I already own: Tectonics goldwing 38 (maybe to combine with the futura on 7.2, of try out with my RS4 7.8?)
Tectonics falcon f1 36
Drake slalom pro 36 and 32
Tectonics Goldwing 28
North shore slalom 28
Me: 1.89, 85-90 kg, flat to marginal choppy water conditions (up to 50 cms)

30th June 2008, 03:22 PM
Hey I'd be interested to see what 2 sec peak you had with the F101? I had the F93 and managed a 34.9knots with 6.7 RS Racing / 34cm drake fin. In my opinion the 5.4 will most likely feel a little small, but should still go great. The 6.2 should be the sweet sail with the 32cm fin. I also agree that the Futura is an improvement on the Stype.

30th June 2008, 03:56 PM
Hey I'd be interested to see what 2 sec peak you had with the F101? I had the F93 and managed a 34.9knots with 6.7 RS Racing / 34cm drake fin. In my opinion the 5.4 will most likely feel a little small, but should still go great. The 6.2 should be the sweet sail with the 32cm fin. I also agree that the Futura is an improvement on the Stype.

I did 30.4 knots on 2 seconds. This in choppy conditions, en me being tyred after 90 kilometers before on isonic 125. And as i said it was my first run on the 101 ! In the future, higher peaks will follow for sure. Or should i say, in the 'futura' higher peaks...

I'm very curious about how my F101 will behave compared to my st104 in heavier winds... I've been told the F101 handles al lot of wind better than the st104 does, it's hard to believe because the F101 is a 5cms wider, and 4 cm in tail.

1st July 2008, 11:24 AM
I guess as the deck is a lot flatter it helps maintain control. I also noticed looking at some video of me sailing the F93 that it sits right off the tail when fully powered. There's not much board in the water. For me (87kg) the choice in Futura size was more about board dimensions than volume, & sail size 6.7 max, as volume becomes less important once planing. Infact I thought the Futura sailed well above its stated volume in terms of upwind ability and early planing. IMHO the F93 planned as early as the old Carve111 I once owned.

I'm now riding an Isonic 86 and are amazed once again how earlythis little beast gets up and going.

Keep us informedof what times you are doing on the F101. I am ordering an I101, so that may be interesting to compare.

13th July 2008, 04:17 PM
Yesterday, tried the F101 with RS4 7.8 and Tectonics 38 goldwing fin, in choppy conditions, worked great. Did 30 knots on it. Earlier this week, tried the 101 with RS4 5.4 and RS4 6.2. The 6.2 was great, but 5.4 felt too small - but the fact that my home spot is very choppy could also play a part.

So in conclusion, for me the futura 101 works great with RS4 6.2-7.2-7.8; can also be sailed with 5.4, but prefer a smaller board with that size.

13th July 2008, 04:43 PM
Thats a great time with a 7.8 on the F101. My impressions were the Futura accellerated very quickly to 30knots. If you can find some nice flat water where you can sail broad, the 6.2 in 20-25 will be a great combo. I would guess you should be getting 35+, no worries.

You are a similar size to me, and I have found 5.4 to be seldom used. Mostly I sail in 8-25 knots. The odd day a little more. I use 8.4/6.7 80% of the time and 5.8 the rest. Going broad you certainly need more rag up, so even though the 6.7 sometimes gets a handfull on a reach, its just right going off......

14th July 2008, 03:46 PM
Hi Maximus,

I noticed you had futura94 and now isonic 86...

How would you compare those two boards?

Which one is easier for you in full powered 5.8 conditions and severe chop?

14th July 2008, 04:41 PM
Hey Marko

Yes I had the F93 and now have the I86. I got the F93 as I thought it would be a no brainer over chop, and it was, sort of like autopilot.... I have sailed the F93 in 5.8 weather, with .5m + chop and it was fine. In those conditions I found the Futura a little tough on the back ankle as the deck was so flat, and consequently a little too much foot steering from the back foot. It looks like they have put alittle more dome in the rear of the deck for this years model. However it planned off redicously early and had great 2 sec peaks. Very easy to quick on the Futura.

The Isonic 86 I reckon planes almost as early as the F93 (say 14 knots ish) with a 6.7 RSR. To answer your question I have only sailed the I86 so far with a 6.7, and 30cm-50cm chop. To my amazment I feel it handled it better. I think this is for a few reasons:

more comfortable back foot
narrower through the middle and tail
more suited to the race sail

I found the acceration a little quicker, and according to the GPS, its faster, and holds its top speed for longer ie. the 100m and 250m times.

Overall its a little more exciting to ride. Great board.

14th July 2008, 06:58 PM
Thanks for the quick reply!

Did you maybe have a chance to compare these two boards with s-type 93?

Everybody raves about how good st93 is with +-5m2 sails and in chop. Do you think that is86 is even better?

I am searching for my next highwind board to complement is111. At the moment, I have is101 and I find it very easy and forgiving in chop, but I would like to change it for something more fun, with more speed sensation.
Which one do you like the most out of these 3 boards?

Thanks once again

14th July 2008, 07:18 PM
No worries

Well a good mate of mine actually had the ST93, and I have sailed it a few times. He thought it was fantastic for lake sailing (chop etc), using a 6.5 NP V8. Infact we lined up the ST93 & F93, and rode both with 6.7 RSR. We concluded that the F93 planned a little earlier and went upwind better. Top end speed was neglible, and thought more came down to rider input.

When it comes down to a choice between the F93 ST93 and I86, for me its the I86. However I sail mainly flat water with moderate chop. If it was really heavy chop, I'm not sure in 5m weather, whether any of these would be much fun, I'd prefer to be on an acid, chop hoping etc. For me the I86 going off the wind in flatish water, or cranking a gybe on the end of a 30+ knot run is the go.

I have on order an I122 and a I101. I'm picking the 6.7RSR and I101 will be a sweet combo in 15-22 knots. I find although the I86 gets going in 15, its not until around 18/20 it starts to motor, I'm 87 kg by the way....