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15th July 2008, 02:32 AM
Hi all,

Ive got a Formula F147 as my light wind board from 8 to 12 knots. From then on I use my other board Is105.
I use my F147 with a Severne Overdrive 8.5 and I like it as it planes early and has a lively feel for its size however, it's about time I change it.
I was wondering if Futura 144 or maybe 133 would be a good choice regarding early planning and "live" feeling. I'm 170 cm and 70Kg, intermediate to advanced level.
I would rather have a Is 133 or 144 but my budget cannot afford that price range now.


22nd July 2008, 11:06 AM
Hi Ricbra,
I had hoped one of the other team members would have provided you with an answer here.
I have the Futura 133 and 155.
I don't have as much TOW on them as I would like, but at your weight, I think with your 8.5 m2 as your largest sail, the Futura 133 might be a very good choice.
It's not going to plane anywhere near as early as your F-147 due to the difference in width, but unless you were to get a larger rig, I don't think you would gain much with the 144.
The 144 is 77.5 cm wide vs 76.0 cm wide for the 133 so the width difference isn't all that much.
If you were heavier, or had a larger rig, the 144 or even the 155 would get you more of the early planing performance you are accustomed to on the F-147, but nothing is going to easily make up for the width difference (F-147 was 100 cm; the Futura 133 is 76.0 cm) of 24 cm (9.44").
I think you planing threshold is going to go up by somewhere between 1-2 knots, possibly a little more.
Hope this helps,