View Full Version : Cant't trim my Gaastra Echo properly

30th July 2008, 06:27 PM
Hi Experts

I use a Gaastra Echo 6.4 2007 nowadays for freestyle with a 75% SDM Mast (YES Performance). I was really frustrated about the poor planning ability of the sail. I know it's a flat one but there is unexpectedly little power in the sail. I was better with my North Natural 6.2 I'm sure. I suppose I have some trim problems because every tests were very positive about the sail thus it must be my fault.
I tried to pull down for the recommended luff lenght (466 cm) but 4-5 cms before the endpoint a correct loose leech appeared so I gave up pulling further. The sail remained flat but seemed to be OK, the upper window was really loose, the second one halfways, and the third one (above the boom) showed no loose leech. The boom lenght was set correctly (with enough muscle power) to 196 cm, the battens were easily touching the SDM mast. I supposed it would be fine for light winds, but I failed.
What do you (as Gaastra users and freestylers) think about the problem? I am changing the mast to a 100% RDM Gulftech in a few days. Would it be helpful? Need RDMs longer luff lenght than SDM Masts? I noticed that pulling further down the downhaul results more loose leech but simoultaneously more "tubby" sail, but I felt very strange GIVING MORE DOWNHAUL TO IMPROVE PLANNING IN LIGHTWINDS... so I didn't try the whole 466 cm mast lenght.

Have you any ideas for me?