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8th August 2008, 02:30 AM
I am at an intermediate stage I can plane use the harness tack gibe need to use footstraps and water start. I weigh 86 kilos and windsurf 4-5 times per week. I windsurf mostly on an inland lake in winds from 8-20ks. I am about to get a new board and have decided either a Go or a Futora 155ltr. would it be worth spending the extra money on a Futora or make do with a last years Go board and save 400. Steve.

8th August 2008, 07:45 AM
Hi Steve,
Hmmmm.... interesting question...........
The new 2008 GO 155 and the Futura 155 are the same hull shape, just different constructions I believe.
Here's the specifications:
Futura 155
155 liters
250 cm length
85.0 cm width
58.9 cm width OFO
8.75 Kg. Weight (Wood Construction)
9.3 Kg. Weight (Technora Construction)
7.0-10.5 Sail range
R13 Race NR 520 Stock Fin
48-58 cm Fin Range
Deep Tuttle Fin Box
GO 155
155 liters
250 cm length
85.0 cm width
58.9 width OFO
11.75 Kg. weight
6.0-10.5 Sail Range
R13 Race SL 520 S-Flex + Shallow 410 (Supplied fins)
48-58 cm sugested fin range
Deep Tuttle Fin box

Yep, the specs. are identical except the weight, the GO 155 in TufSkin being signficantly heavier.
The 2007 GO Tufskin however is quite a different board and I would not want to compare the '07 GO 155 with the '08 GO 155.
Here's the specs. on the '07 GO 155:
155 liters
255 cm length
85.0 cm width
59.5 cm OFO
11.72 Kg. weight
5.5-10.0 sail range
R13 Race NR 520 (+ Shallow 410 FRN on Tufskin model) Supplied fins
48-58 fin range
Deep Tuttle fin box.
So, while they are similar, they are not the same.
If saving 400 is really important, then the 2007 GO 155 may offer a better
's vs performance ratio, but be sure you understand that the addtional weight of the 2008 GO 155 (in Tufskin) is not going to be "performance enhancing" but it still may have more performance than the 2007 TufSkin model.
Neither of the GOs will match the performance of the 2008 Futura (either in Technora or Wood).
The best to performance ratio could possibly be the Futura 155 in Technora.
Hope this helps,

8th August 2008, 06:17 PM
Thanks Roger, I took your advice and placed my order for the Futura 155 in Tecnora and found they were doing end of season deals, so I managed to save 100. Thanks again for good advice. Steve.