View Full Version : 7ish sail for 08 KombatQ!! need help!

20th August 2008, 03:56 PM
:)Hi Guys! quick question on how to power my fantastic 2008 105L Kombat wich I'm enjoying a lot.

I'm rigging a NP Search 5.4 and a NS Duke 6.4 at the moment, and having sold some old sails (Hotsails Maui Stealth 7,0, NP V6 with cambers) I do need to rebuild my quiver, especially for those light wind days. Now, I am thinking about placing a bid on ebay for a glimmering 7.2-square meter NP HellCat....

just how well would that sails work on my Kombat? is it gonna be to hard to manoeuvre, too race-oriented (though no cams), too much power and locked-in feeling or ... will it just work out fine for some early planing when the wind is below/around 15 knots? Thje alternative I am considering is - either NP Excess similar size, or Ezzy Wave SE 6.9.

Planning to use the sail in Mediterranean COnditions, justy/flatwater mainly. alternative board is old Fanatic Crossover 135L which I have neglected a buit since my my lovely Kombat.

thank you so much, will definitely appreciate your comments ... cheers

Ian Fox
20th August 2008, 06:54 PM
Hi Dom,

Size wise you'll be OK (towards -but inside- the upper limit of sweet spot range )

If you set up the Kombat with outer straps and freeride fin, and are happy sailing in more freeride mode then the Hellcat option is still an OK lightwind match; if you're more into freemove / maneuvers and generally playful "free" riding (and generally cant be bothered to change straps/fin etc for light wind and/or don't really want to compromise inboard stance) , then you might get a better board/sail match on a sail with a less locked down style, more freemove oriented (without necessarily having to go all the way to a full wave style in such a big [for wave sail] size).

Cheers ~ Ian

22nd August 2008, 05:56 PM
Hi Ian

thanks a lot for your answer (and sorry for my delay in getting back to you) I am thinking I should probably get a more versatile sail than a race Hellcat... suggestions welcome regardless of brand! thanks again