View Full Version : Q4 Ian Fox- Useful overlap IS 94/86/76

mark newman
21st August 2008, 01:57 AM
Hi Ian, hope you can help?

Im buying 09 IS slalom boards for GPSSS @~100KG for 74/68/63/58m North Warps, restricted upwind & generally slight to moderate chopp.
What is the useful overlap for IS94/86/76? I've seen the 94 & 76 & by eye there seems to be a massive gap! (I'm replacing Falcon 105/90/80).

What is the benefit of buying the 86 as well as the 94 & 76?

Is there too much overlap, will the gap between 94/76 be an issue?

What will I gain with the 86 as well?

Really grateful for any advice!


Ian Fox
21st August 2008, 01:25 PM
Hi Mark,

The practical performance range of the iSonics is really very wide, it should not be considered essential (nice, but not essential...) to have each (adjacent ) size to ensure very adequate quiver / range cover. Typically, even our top riders have more than enough "practical overlap" when taking every "second" size thru the mid sizes of the iSonic range (eg ; 76+94, or 86+101, 94+111 ).

Obviously personal choices and circumstances differ as much as the range of conditions that these boards will be used in- and there is no doubt hat on a given day an 86 might be the ideal size, when you've only got 76 and 94 to choose from, but usually those "compromises " are quite small compared to the practialities (logistically, financially and board selection at the beach..) of a using a slightly larger spacing than every adjacent size.

If you had to choose just one size to cover your intended range/usage as best as possible, the iS86 wins hands down as an absolute versatile size (and known "special" performer in this role amongst our team guys) - but if you have the option of the 2 board cover, then for sure the 76 offers a better top end option for fast GPSSS days, whilst the 94 adds extra (and practical) range to the lighter end of the range, especially with ~100kg riders in marginal 7.4m conditions.

It's certainly a less versatile open water/slalom option (not, really) but for big guys wanting a specialist GPSSS special board in the 7.4m to 5.8 range, the iSW53 vs iS76 is definitely also worth consideration. Guess you've had that idea, but worth a mention..
A2 used the W53/7.3m a lot in Fuerte with pretty good results..

Cheers ~ Ian