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25th August 2008, 06:40 PM

I am looking to acquire stype 126 or 137. I am 90 kg, and suppose to use 7.0 and 8.3 (free race 2 cam) sails with this board.
This board suppose to be my largest board and I have also 95 FSW as smaller one.
Which board will be better choice for me (126 or 137)?


26th August 2008, 04:48 PM
Hi Vux,

I weigh 100kg and have a S-Type 126 which I use mainly with a 7.5mtr and 8.4 mtr no problems at all.
I love this board,the key is to get good fins. :)

Chris Pressler
28th August 2008, 01:11 PM
Hi Vux,
I definitely would choose the S-Type 126. The board has awide range and fits perfect for your sailsizes. In myopininion the 126 is much more lively and has excellent speed. Additionally you will like to carve in the jibes with a lot of speed.

All the best,
Chris Pressler

28th August 2008, 01:42 PM

Hi Chris,

since I see you use Severne race sails I would like to receive some impressions about 2007 Code Red 2, 9 meters size.

Since I was not able to find any Severne mast I use it with a 490 North Platinum mast (someone told me they were made by same manufacturer and rather similar in terms of IMCS and top flex response), but with no its 30 cm tip extension (instead with 38 cm base extension).

What do you think?

What should I expect, in terms of performances, using recommended tip extension ?

Thank you.

Chris Pressler
28th August 2008, 01:57 PM
Hi Expander,
thanks for your request. I had this sailsize using for a while on the Isonic 122 07. It felt very light, was not too deep in the bottom. I would say it was a 9,0, which was easy in handling, as well for rigging. Not many spacers were necessary to tune the sail. I most of the time used the tip extension and a 490 red line, th esame mast I use on the 2008 mode I can imagine that a North mast fits to the sail. Itīs the top mast of North, 100% carbon. It should be the same factory. I also used the 9,0 without tip extension and it worked. I just know that the extender worked much more efficient on the Code Red 9,0 07 than on the actual one.
On the 08 model I use 490 red line plus 32,5 extension.

Just come bak if you have further questions,