View Full Version : Formula or Apollo?

Pieter Buis
26th August 2008, 03:11 PM
Next year I will replace my F-type 158 for the Apollo or a Formula board. I still can't make up my mind which one to choose.
I am 94 kg, 1.93 metre height, experienced windsurfer, lots of hours on the water, I sail Isonics a lot and the F158 with big RS sails (10.7 etc). Next year I like to start with Formula competition overhere in Holland, just to see what will happen.
As I understood the Apollo will plane a bit earlier the the Formula in light winds, which might be a advantage considering my weight. On the other hand, I also read that only a max fin of 70cm is allowed in competition, and with a 70 cm fin a Formula gives advantages over the Apollo even in light winds. So earlier planning with the Apollo is only an advantage if not in competition...?
I tend to go for the formula board as it seems more suitable for racing and also will plane very early. But I still have some doubts and therefore need some advice....

Best regards