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26th August 2008, 10:30 PM
How does the speed of these boards compare to the Futuras of comparative sizes (or indeed the last Carves of similar sizes)?

I'm guessing you are going to say faster than the carves slower than the Futuras.....lol
But by how much if that is the case?


1st September 2008, 12:59 PM
....the reason I ask is that I am thinking of changing my 2007 c111 for a kode112 as the sail range is much greater.
I have a c133 and find the c111 gets little use.
Maybe this would be a good replacement for both?
BTW I am 77kg, sail mainly on lakes but get to the coast from time to time.

...so really a comparison to the C111 would be most useful.


Ian Fox
1st September 2008, 07:06 PM
Hi C,

Comparing "speeds" of similar sized boards in freeride conditions can still be a bit subjective, because often the conditions will vary (significiantly) from one location to another,- and how each board performs in a competitive speed comparison (under vvarying water - as well as wind - conditions) can/may/will change the outcome.

In general comparison, especially early in their power range the larger KODES are not as fast as the Futuras (which well powered can be lightning fast within their range..) but in comparison to the Carves the KODE has a heavier design emphasis on moves/control, and so can be a little vulnerable aginst the Carve in marginal 111 conditions (where the Carve 111 wasn't exactly a slouch before it morphed into Futura - and the C111 retains good early planing and mid range speed). The rougher it gets within that "111" range, the more the KODE112 presents useable speed - (that's to say is easier - more accessible - to be fast/er on in rougher conditions for a typical rider).

One important factor in deciding "how good" one of these boards will be as a replacement over the other is your ride style - and what you really want from a board/ride/session. Seems a heavy emphasis on speed - but are you looking for only a "faster" option (?) or one that may offer more maneuveability at a reasonable speed.

Cheers ~ Ian

1st September 2008, 10:50 PM
Thanks Ian

Speed isn't the only issue...it's just that I notice myself getting past by people on Futuras.
Interms of control - I haven't been so fast on my C111 that I worried about control....except when it was obviously time to change down to my kombat 96 (2008).

My main interest was really at what cost to speed will I gain the benefit of extra sail range?


2nd September 2008, 11:45 AM
The predecessor to the Kode was the Kombat, and if that is anything to go by then the Carve should be clearly faster in anything but the biggest and most confused of chop.

To me it sounds like if your ideal combo would be the Futura 122 and the Kombat 96. At your weight you should anyhow be able to get going sufficiently early on the K96 at the coast.

3rd September 2008, 06:02 PM
OK, one final question before I get my money out.....

How would the Kode112 compare with the Carve111 for early planing?

(Last question - I promise)


6th September 2008, 11:12 PM
I have the same problem, Now I have a carve 111 and before I had an Aero 117. The Kode 112 is more similar to the Carve or to the Aero? I sold the Aero, it only rides good in waves or bigger chopi.
I need a freewave board no a Wave board XL. I need the same answer than cjOne

10th September 2008, 08:24 AM
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