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28th August 2008, 07:43 AM
As every year since 2007 by this time Iīm waiting my new Isonic set (IS86/111/133) wich will arrive around early October. And as every year Iīm wondering if the drake fins supplied will really work properly.
I love the ISonic boards but the fins are far from the high performance level of them.
2008īs IS133 fin was not the ideal fin but worked fine, but IS111īs 44 and 38" Drake fins were a pain in the ass (Believe me , I broke the spinout world speed record on the 38" and Code red 7.7, GPS measured) so I replaced the supplied fins by DB and all worked fine.
I would like to hear a honest answer from a Team member (I guess Ian would be the right person) as regards what can I really expect from the 2009 fins.

Best regards


28th August 2008, 12:21 PM

Hi Carlos,

only one question because I read you are, like me, an iS 111-133 fine rider from 2007 to present models.

About 2007 iS 133, in what wind range did you use it?

Which (and what) sails / fins combo did you use with this board?

Thank you.

28th August 2008, 05:52 PM
Hi Expander !!

My current IS133 is the 2008 model (w85), wider than your 2007 (w80) board so I think the behaviour would be different.

I use it only with a 9.0 code red (perfect for the board) and the ideal range in my opinion is between 10/15 knots for blasting with a sweet ride, and 12/17 for racing (the board donīt stop at turns and you can manage up to 18/20 ocassional gusts).
When the wind goes up I jump to the Is111/7.7 Code Red combo
The supplied 52 cm fin works decently and the board really fly (Is an amazing apparent wind generator) I tried samaller fins (DB SL2 46 for example) but didnīt work for me .
I guess that the new 2009 model will have more speed a higher range (more control at higher winds) because of the double wingers
My weight is 87 KG and my height is 1.83m

Best regards


29th August 2008, 12:41 PM

Hi Carlos,

I use Severne Code Red 9.0 too, 2007 model (CR2).

Only for curiosity, what mast do you use with this sail? And, do you use recommended 30 cm tip extension?

I come from a 9.0 North Warp and my sensations is I feel CR2 really a light sail but a bit less powerful...

Sail profile is rather flat in mid to low section and when closing sail on the board in full speed, lower section of sail has a different cut, higher and less full than other race sail (it doesn't touch board deck hust for this reason).

I don't use 30 cm tip extension but a conventional extension in the bottom.

29th August 2008, 02:42 PM
Hi Carlos,
Do you use your CR 7.7 on the iSonic too? maybe with gusty winds? Just got the 2008 iSonic 133/w85 and will use it mainly wit a 9.0 CR, but was wondering if it can handle a smaller (7.7) sail as well. I'm around 90kg too.

29th August 2008, 05:02 PM
Hi guys,

To Expander:

My CR 9.0 is the 2006 model, As Severne masts never reached our coasts until last week, by two years we were rigging CR sails with another brands (lots of experiments, we are like a tuning dream team of the third world !!!)
The CR 9.0 is a great sail as any 2006 model (you can see some PWA racerīs photos with certain sizes of these sails instead of CR2 at the 2007 season ) despite the lack of upper leech reinforcement, something that Severene Fixed on CR2 and CR3 (2008) and I rig it with a North 490 mast that fitted perfectly.
I saw some CR2 and as you say seems to be so flat, the 2008 CR have Deeper profiles (I have a 7.7 and 6.7 and work nice). the solution could be to rig the sail with a mast with a softer tip -the tip extension is ideal for that- this will force the sail to open the upper leech and keeps the lower profile deeper with less luff tension (better profile + safer for the sail)

I hope this can help you.

To Hookipa 18:

I tried my 7.7 with the IS133 and seems that is too small in order to get good performace (suitable but not performer). I guess that the tail/fin size relation limits the sail size as Formula do for racing performance. I tried with a DB SL246" and the stock Drake 52 fins.
My opinion is that with a well tuned 9.0 rig you can handle almost the whole "fun" wind range for that board and your weight (11-17 knots).

Best regards and good winds for the weekend

Ian Fox
1st September 2008, 06:30 PM
Hi Carlos,

I guess it's no huge suprise that the performance of these boards on Deboichet Customs fins is always going to be a bit better, as those are amongst the very best fins in the world. And yes, I agree, that some of the older generation production fins were not especially great at hi performance/hi load challenges..

However the iSonic fins for 2009 (retaining previous JJ Deboichet design - but updated for some constructional and process upgrades ) are normally doing pretty well in their test c/w some of the more exotic fins tested, and in some respects are quite good performance - even suprising us in testing. Like most hi end fins, the supplied standard fins do have some (tightly controlled) hand finishing processes, so it stands to reason that there may also be some variation (within range) over a batch.

Carlos, had you previously had an iS86 or similar and also tried the fin/s from that ?

Cheers ~ Ian

1st September 2008, 07:38 PM
Hi Ian,

Thank you for your answer, I hope 2009 fins will give me (and also to a lot of other Isonic fans) a pleasant surprise.
I had just sold my beloved Is 87 to make room to the new 86 , this was the nicest board I had , I went to Jericoacoara 2 times (yeah!! , spectacular Hi-speed slalom at Jeri) and resisted another 2 trips to Cuesta del viento, one of the windiest places of the planet, an almost secret spot in the middle of the Andes.
Te 87 had a 32 cm drake fin that was too small for mi weight for medium winds and uncontrollable at high winds. I found the best results for this board with a 30cm Teconics goldwing for high winds and a 36 cm Mean Line -has a very narrow tip- for lighter winds (6.7 to 7.5).
In the other hand the 36 cm drake that I received with my old IS111 2007 is an impressive fin (I sold the board last year but not the fin) I used it on the 2008 model instead of the original and proved to be excellent for the new board in the "high range" (18 to 30 knots)

I promise to post mi impressions as soon as I receive and try my new boards by mid october.

Best regards

2nd September 2008, 07:21 PM
And yes, I agree, that some of the older generation production fins were not especially great at hi performance/hi load challenges..

However the iSonic fins for 2009 (retaining previous JJ Deboichet design - but updated for some constructional and process upgrades ) are normally doing pretty well in their test c/w some of the more exotic fins tested, and in some respects are quite good performance - even suprising us in testing.

Agree completely.

It seems that I am in the minority of sailors who really like iS stock fins. It's fair to say they are getting better each season compared to their first generation.

Yes I've tried Deb and Select and while they're high performing no compromise fins, I'm quite happy with overall performance of 40 & 46 that came with my iS122 (year 2008). Drake slalom Pro's give a bit softer ride, maybe a hair slower (I don't have gps data on this), but also more forgiving and less hammering through sharp chop.

Q for Ian:
I use my iS122 with 7.3 and 9.0 sails and stock fins 40+46 are generally good match for these sizes. I weigh 85 kg. However, if I wanted to wring the last bit of lightwind performance from a 9.0, would a Slalom Pro 50-52cm be a good size?
Similar question for the windier end of the range - stacked on a 7.3 in ugly chop. Basically, the conditions of 20+ knots when I should be on my Kombat 86, but the wind is full of lulls. I'm not sure some curvy slalom fins (36-38cm) are a good match with such a wide board? Maybe something like these: Select Devil Slam, Deboichet SL3, Tectonics F1 Falcon.


PS Carlos, sorry for hijacking the thread.

4th September 2008, 09:37 AM
Hi Screamer,

Itīs okay , thatīs the idea of this forums, we can share our experiences with the forumīs readers , and thatīs great

Ian Fox
9th September 2008, 10:58 AM
Hi Screamer,

For the 122, yes throwing extra fin at it will help the ultimate early planing BUT at a fairly obvious expense of top end once you go much above 48-50cm. Generally what we found is that the improvement in early planing (by going above 48-50 with 122) is pretty marginal - and (maybe more significantly) generally negated even further (at these levels) by an aggressive early planing technique (you know the deal) - so the gain was there but marginal vs the top end loss/es (well, 48+cm conditions top end).

But my usual caveat : planing slow is always faster than not planing.

At the top end 122 (well powered in ugly chop) Yes, ultimately you can go for the "safety" of a smaller, more raked fin and lighter "load" on the 122, but a lot of times I found the pure open water competitiveness of the 122 comes from it's really strong ability to be sailed (for the conditions) overpowered and overfinned (think 40-42cm and 7.5m) - and really just load(commit) seriously to the fin/back of board and let it all take care of itself..(this sounds like a slightly ugly and rough approach - and it certainly is c/w say a nicely trimmed iS101/6.7/34-36cm in same conditions - but in open water has also proven to be pretty effective).

In general terms, the larger iSonics really benefit from a fairly strong fin lift for the best trim/tuning, and most often this is achieved from powerful tipped, more upright fins.
If you're going to the smaller sail sizes (122=6.0-6.5-6.7m) then think about the fin option dropping down to 38 or 36 if you have to..but by then we probably have really got well into iS101 terrtitory and so time for board change more than fin..
Next caveat though : Staying upright and alive (on a slightly "slower" trim with a raked fin) will also be faster and more fun than taking the major hit going down trying to hold onto some impossibly big upright race monster when it all gets REALLY ugly.
Probably more kudos points for the latter though.... ;)

Cheers ~ Ian

11th September 2008, 05:17 PM
Thanks Ian
I'll certainly try before I buy. Board change (iS101) is not an option since a have a minimum overlap to K86 (minimalist quiver)

PS I'm not paying attention to kudos points provocation ;)
Yes I've taken iS122 beyond what I thought was possible, but sometimes sheer survival comes first ;)

12th September 2008, 03:49 AM
How much slower are good freeride fins vs. dedicated slalom fins? I want to rip nice laydown jibes on my isonic. Would a freeride fin be more forgiving at an acceptable cost in speed. Is upwind speed more affected than pure reaching? What exactly does it mean that a freeride fin is more "forgiving?"

12th September 2008, 05:13 PM
I don't have exact gps data, but freeride fins ARE definitely slower than upright slalom fins. Forgiving means easier to gybe, more maneuverability, and less tendency to throw you out of balance when things start to get hairy. (off course, you'll lose in terms of early planing, upwind angle and pure speed)