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1st September 2008, 06:42 PM
I noticed that the 2008 board is quite different from the 2007 one (269x76 vs 235x85). What are the "sailing" differences? I need a beginner board for my son, but I would like to use it for light wind (I am advanced).
There is another issue ... regarding the lenght ... The 2007 version will fit inside my car (for the 2008 board I must use the car roof!).

I would really appreciate if you could explain any differences between the two version.


8th September 2008, 11:33 PM
Hi again,
... in other words ... I do not understand why Starboard, after only two seasons, modified so radically the Rio board. What happened? The 2006/2007 was a wrong project? Maybe it is only a "market driven" choice, but it is stopping me to buy the "old" model.

13th September 2008, 01:55 PM
The 2006-7 model is a complete beginner board, exactly like the Start (except for the wheel).

The new 2008 model is a proper intermedate (sp?) board.

The old one has got more transversal stability, itīs easier to gybe, but itīs a bit slow in lighter winds.
The new one has got more longitudinal stability/directionality, itīs easier to tack.

After the basics, the new model offers a lot more. Both of them are covered with EVA, so theyīre really confy.

How old is your kid? how much does he weight?

If heīs not heavier than 55 kg, I really recommend the new model, because heīll be able to use it in a wider range of wind/conditions and also for a long time.

Which ever you choose, I do recommend that if youīre going to use sails under 4.0, you should either get a smaller fin or just trim it yourself. Itīll be much easier to steer and go up wind.


14th September 2008, 01:09 AM
Hi Gades,
tanks for the hint. My kid is 10 years old for 35 kg and, according the considerations you did, I guess the new Rio is a good compromise.
... lately, I had the opportunity to try the Kombat 122 ... and I found that there is a Tufskin/EVA version with a central fin (can be removed) ... mhhh ... It is confusing me, because it would be very good for me (light wind board with a 7.5 sail), but since it is only 235 cm x 72 cm ... it could be difficult for the kid (quite able to tack)...
what do you think? Could be anothe choice? Last ... it will be fit inside the car ... and no more space for my wife (in other words ... never more "there is too much wind, it is cold, it is time to came back home ..."). Ok, I guess I already had the answer eh eh...

14th September 2008, 01:38 PM
he he, yeap, you'd have fun with that one, but it's too difficult for the kid.
I've got the Start 07, Rio 07, Rio 08, Kombat 127 (tufskin), and more....

The Kombat is a great board, but there's a big step from the Rio S 08 (170 lit), and also the shape is not the most stable one.

I've had kids sailing on the Kombat, using the central fin and a 3.0. They were quite happy, but they also had a go at using the harness already, so no beginners.

If you finally buy the Rio S 08, just be careful when you get planing and don't forget the daggerboard down, or it'll brake.


14th September 2008, 02:18 PM
the RIO S 08 is probably the best choice!
Thanks a lot again.


nav, Italy

15th September 2008, 08:46 AM
Hi Nav 99,
For your son at 35 Kg. (77 lbs.) the Rio S will be too big and too heavy for use with rigs that he will be able to handle easily.
My suggestion would be the '08/09' Pro Kids Go TufSkin.
It's much lighter ( 8.7 Kg. vs 14.1 Kg for the Rio S).
Here's the specs.:
The '08 Kombat TufSkin is 72 cm wide.... the Pro Kids GO is 76.5 cm wide.... the Rio S is
76 cm wide.
If you could find a '07 Starsurfer S that would be about the same as the Kombat.
Your son will only be using rigs < than 3.0 m2 and that's going to be a bit of a problem for him to stay upwind unless you find a way to move the rig back closer to the center fin.
What size/brand rig do you intend to get for him?
Hope this helps,