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3rd September 2008, 04:47 AM
I just got 2008 Rio L from windsurfingdirect.ca This is my learning board.I'm new to the windsurfing. Anyway Today when I was setting up the gear for the first time I noticed two driled wholes on the bottom of my board few inches a fornt of daggerboard back-plated lips cover is that normal or should I talk to windsurfingdirect

3rd September 2008, 07:41 AM
Hello Nightriderxrs,
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The 2 holes in the bottom of your new Rio L are an insert so you can attach the leash loop (for training purposes).
If you check all the other items that came with your board there will be a very short nylon webbing loop with 2 SS screws in it.
The distance between the 2 holes in the webbing loop will match the distance between the holes in the bottom of your board just ahead of the centerboard slot.
These holes are the same as the footstrap holes in the top of your board.
The holes extend into an plastic fitting specially made and molded into the bottom of your board.
If you were to be teaching some beginners, you attach the web loop with the provided screws and this gives you a perfect place to tie on a tether line.
If you decide to use the tether line, put a 1-2 oz. round net sinker (lead sinker for a fishing net) on the line about twice the length of the centerboard down from the bottom of the board.
The tether line will hang straight down (if you don't pull on it) so as the board turns, the tether hangs clear of the centerboard.
With this setup, your student will almost never "wrap the tether line " around the centerboard or the fin.
Perfectly normal, and no reason to call WS Direct or try to plug up the holes.
They are just holes into an insert and do not connect to the interior of the board, so no water can get in through these holes.
Since you are just starting out with windsurfing, you could use the tether loop as a way to practice your tacks and turns without getting blown downwind.
Put a small mushroom anchor or a cinder block on the bottom and attach a line for the tether loop to the anchor.
Then you can sail around all day and you won't travel further than the end of your tether line. Works well in rivers with current.
Hope this helps,

3rd September 2008, 08:26 AM
Thank You so much
I don't no much about equipment... yet I began getting paranoid that there's something wrong with that board
Again THX