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3rd September 2008, 06:32 PM

I am considering buying a new speedboard. My weight is around 85-90 kg and I sail in normal, usually, wind blown wave condition, sometimes in sheltered but not completely flat water.

My choice would be w49. I would use it in winds mostly 20-40 kts windspeed. How these boards behave in chop, steep one, about half a meter in height at most. Can they really care bigger sails? Like 7.5 for w 53 or 6.5 for w49.

How controllable are they in very high windspeeds and rough water?



5th September 2008, 01:36 AM
Im sure someone with more experience of the new speed boards will be able to comment, but for what its worth my understanding to gain the very best speeds you will require totally flat water........... you mention wind blown wave conditions............ So have you considered the Isonics 76 or 86, which will handle the water state more easily and you will be surprised what sort of speeds can be acheived.............. Hence why Im waiting to take delivery on a 09 I sonic 76.



Ian Fox
9th September 2008, 10:36 AM
Hi Marin,

If you really want the "one size" speed board for a 85-90kg rider in (true) 20-40kts of wind, then yes, the choice of the iS-W49 is certainly the best all round size.
We've used the W49(6.5m/5.5m) in open water speed runs off Maui and it certainly is capable of being an exciting and fast ride in these conditions too, whilst retaining enough width/volume to have a certain element of practical (get you home..) reserve.

Yes, these boards are very safe and well behaved FOR SPEEDBOARDS even in significant speed chop, but it is important to note that open water chop can vary significantly from location to location - and be a difficult challenge on any dedicated speedboard.
As Allan commented, not always the best (or is that "easiest"? ) choice for (easy) sailing in rough/er chop conditions. So understanding the nature of the chop can make a difference, as the option of using a slightly larger or more versatile open water style board may (!) make life a little easier - which could potentially make it easier for a normal rider to go "faster" in rough conditions.

Yes, the W49 can carry 6.5m (and W53 7.2-7.5m) OK in speed trim (check Antoine's results last couple of speed events in some reasonably choppy "speed" conditions (note: offshore chop c/w onshore ), mostly W49/W53 and RS6.7/7.3m. As chop conditions worsen, running these boards at their upper sail size limits does become more demanding, but definitely still practical in speed racing terms.

Cheers ~ Ian

26th October 2008, 09:52 PM
Hi Ian,

thank you for answer. I can get a pretty good deal on 2008. isonic 86 so I have a few question regarding isonic 86 and let say speed board like W53.

I know that isonic 86 would cover greater range of wind strenght and sea states, but how significant is the speed difference in direct comparison in flat/small chop
/open sea water state?

I am also thinking, because I really don't have a perfectly flat speed water strip near me, and I would probably 90% percent of the time use board in small chop or small waves that isonic 86 could be a faster board due to better control in such water?

Also can somebody put their best speeds on isonic 86 :)?



mark h
27th October 2008, 05:42 AM
Hi Ian & Allan, soz to cut in.

Hi Marin
I'v had the W53 for a month or so and managed to get out on it 8 times so far, it rocks. Heres what I'v found so far (but bear in mind, I'm an amature).

I'm 105kg/192cm, so a bit heavier. Sail in flat water with the usual rolling speed chop and "back up wind" harbour chop ranging from 10cm to 30cm.

Sessions/combo's on the W53:

5m Warp F2006 & 26cm fin. Gusts 35k, peak speed 40.6k. The W53 is to big for a 5m, but it was the only speed board I had that week.

5.8m Warp 2006 & 28cm fin. Gusts 25k, peak speed 37k. Nice, but 5.8m is as small as I'd go on the W53.

6.8m Warp F2006 & 28cm/30cm. Gusts 25k, peak speeds 36/37k. Very nice, perfect in lighter/fluky/gusty conditions.

7.6m Warp F2004 & 31cm fin. Wind min 15k, max 22k, peak speed 35.1k. Very nice, cant believe that speed sailing was possible in such light winds. SB just lowered the wind minimums needed to get out on dedicated speed gear. Brill for training/tunning.

Hope this helps.

1st November 2008, 05:38 AM
7.6m Warp F2004 & 31cm fin.


What kind of fin did you use on your iSssW53 ? What rake? No spinout in gusts ?

Cheers !


mark h
1st November 2008, 08:25 AM
On that day I was on an old Select lightning evo from 2005. I hav'nt altered the rake, just standard rake. No spinouts at all, rock solid. I was very tempted to plug a 29cm evo in, but stayed with the 31cm instead as the winds where very light. The few spinouts I'v had on other days (usually me being heavy footed) have been super easy to pull back-in. All the other combo's I'v mentioned where on Techtonic F1's.

2nd November 2008, 12:57 AM
Cool, I'll try later how it works with an old Select Elite S03 32cm fin. Thanks a lot for your tip & cheers !