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Tim Fast
7th September 2008, 08:49 PM
Hi there,

would kindly like to get your advise on the decision which speedboard should be chosen below the ISonic 86 ? I am 92 kg and doing GPSSS in flat water conditions (Karpathos this summer was great!). I am doing quite well on the IS (great board and I really love it !!), but when it is really blowing (+35kts) I find the board 'slightly' to big, and i consider (naturally) the new SB speed board advantageous in such conditions. I am not (yet) competing in Speed events, but 40 kts has been set already as a next target.

Can you also please explain what the differences are between the former ISonic50 and the new board line, as I might get a good price on 2007 model.?

Thanks for all replies !



Ian Fox
9th September 2008, 10:16 AM
Hi Tim,

The simple answer is that the "one size" solution for big/ger guys looking to compliment the range of a slalom in the iS86 range is the iSonicW49 really fits the bill.

W49 has the extra width/volume/length to really help make it an easier board to ride in more open water speed conditions - and is a very practical size step from the light/mid (speed) conditions that the iS86 will be useful/competitive in - yet still retains very effective top end potential in all but the very purest speed conditions (where the narrower range but more top end W44 excels)

Yes, you could consider the iS-W53 (but the overlap to the iS86 is alot more, and the top end potential also a little more limiting than necessary if you're keeping the 86 also).

For 92 kg the iS50 might be a little small if you have open water courses in mind, as this is more in the range of the newer W44 - for bigger riders both these (W44 and iS50) really come into their own once conditions are a solid 5.5m or windier. Both these boards have a significant focus on control at top end thru chop, making it easier for the rider to push on in less than ideal conditions- or in the rolling chop often found on the broadest/fastest section of many speed courses.

Cheers ~ Ian

Tim Fast
10th September 2008, 04:07 AM
Hi Ian

thanks a lot for your competent answer. This is pretty much in line what I was thinking so far.
So I will go for the w49.

Kind regards


Keep on going making this sport so exciting !!

10th September 2008, 03:04 PM
Same question but if you weight 75 kg instead? Open ocean, already have the is86... will the w44 be too small and too diffiult to ride?

Ian Fox
10th September 2008, 04:56 PM
Hi Tjabo,

Yes, despite the lighter rider improving the weight/board-size ratios, the W44 is really not a very practical (challenging? - yes, exciting? - yes ) open ocean solution. For guys that want a practical speed board (with some realistic open ocean potential) to quiver up nicely with an iS86 size slalom, the W49 really has the best mix of "seaworthyness" coupled with pure top end potential (for when you can really lightup !).

Obviously boards with a dedicated focus towards top end compromise in the more relaxed aspects of life, like nose rocker (lift/kick) - making running these things at full tilt thru open water much more "conditional" upon a bunch of variables (like the prevailing water state/chop - as well as the skill/experience/control/madness of the driver..) than more conventional - and often more practical - open water boards.

Then again, there are a few known to be crazy for this kind of thing ;)

Cheers ~ Ian