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14th September 2008, 01:31 AM
hi guys,
My question is, how come for (Ulsan) an event known for light winds both kevin and Antion chose the iS133 over the iS144 (especially Antion at 95kg)? Is the iS133 proving to be better than the iS144 for real light events?

greetings from holland.


14th September 2008, 02:21 AM
When they were introduced, iSonics 144/155 were freerace boards, replacing Freeformula in *board range. They were targeting recreational sailors, rather than serious racers.
I guess they still fit that role.

PS iS144 has the same width as 133, it's just thicker, packing more litres into similar outline. For a skillful racer, that's not very relevant wrt early planing imho.

14th September 2008, 04:42 AM
I think it would be an advantage in light winds for a racer over 100 kilos with a 9.0 or even a 10.0 rig. Someone was flying around on one in Ulsan last race!

Chris Pressler
21st September 2008, 03:26 AM
Good question! But in my opininon the PWA Slalom races get startet in so much wind that there is no need for this size. Besides there is no upwind sailing. In my opinion the board works great with bigger sailsizes 8,0 to 10,7. You can get an incredible speed in no wind.
Imagine, in the smaller sized 133 you can use a max fin up to 57 cm. Paolo dos Reis was sailing at Jinha Beach / Ulsan the 133 with a fin in this sized combined with a Code Red 10,0. It seemed to be a light wind weapon, but no races were sailed there.

If the races would be started in 7 knots and perhaps bigger fleets would be sailed the board would be a great choice. Also for IFCA Slalom races or local events on sweet water. I sometimes sailed the board a my homespot lake Neusiedler with a Code Red 9,0 and the production fin. Especially on gusty light wind days it worked amazing. In my opinion this size is for sure a competition Slalom board for light wind conditions. Antoine used this board, I guess, in a funrace at the Costa Brava this year.