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John Rohde
18th September 2008, 05:49 AM
Can anyone provide feedback on the durability, etc of the 2 serenity construction materials. Also which material do you prefer and why?

Ian Fox
19th September 2008, 11:23 AM
Hi John,

Over the last couple of years, we have had a lot of Serenities (Serenitii?) through the test centre in Naklua, which have also been the subject of some hearty use (and some unrestricted racing) during Distributor meetings - even after dark.

Along the way, being a long and relatively thin skinned board (due to sheer size), they have all picked their fair share of knocks and dings (often caused by swinging the board around and hitting some solid while carrying it on land) - plus a few smacks out on the water.

Although it looked like the lighter Wood ones might be early victims, the longer term result/s were not so one sided, and in the end there wasn't much in it, with both versions taking their fair share of knocks but generally coming up quite OK for some rather (shall we say, "carefree" usage..).

Where the Wood one may be slightly more vulnerable than the Technora/Dram:
Direct impacts from heavily loaded small solid objects - like harness hook; and from heavy riders slamming feet down carelessly outside the standing area - in both instances, it needs to be seen that Serenity is designed and built for light wind use, so trying to slalom with it in 15/20 knots and other such tricks are definitely not what was intended.

Because of the length and relative light build, the 2 contructions highlight the differences in the ride charcacter beyween Wood and Dram /Technora quite clearly, and the increased livelyness of the (~1kg lighter) Wood version plus the better ride over chop makes the Wood my preference if the board is going to be used with reasonable care (and less in "knockabout mode"). Obviously some price difference in favor of Technora/Dram version. Technora/Dram easier to repair cosmetically (normally) but in the looks department, no question: the Wood is a work of art.

Either way, this is a special type of board - and capable of really enhancing what most people already know (or consider they know) about "windsurfing" as a sport.

Cheers ~ Ian

John Rohde
20th September 2008, 09:43 PM
Thanks Ian.
That will help with board choice.

8th October 2008, 08:56 PM

Ian is spot on WRT collecting dings and smacks with a Serenity. Both the nose and tail of the board are the most-hard hit when lugging around such a long object either on land or when entering in or exiting out of the water. No difference witnessed between my board-bag-pampered woody and heavily-school-used Technora versions.

As for sailing feeling, it's very hard to notice the 1kg weight difference per se between the two construction (e.g., on ultra-flat water with closed eyes). However, the wood construction provides a more direct, crisp and lively feeling over the Technora. This is particularly obvious when sailing at high speed upwind trough chop/swell : the long nose is much less shaking up and down (better vibration absorbing) with the woody than with the Technora. This crispiness/"racing feeling" is what I like the most with my woody Serenity. Worth the extra bucks IMHO.

As for long-term durability, two Technora Serenity stored year-round outdoor in direct sunlight/heat/cold/snow and 1 Technora stored in-house are still as in a pristine condition as literally brand-new since May 2007. One cannot see any visual difference so far (apart from the obvious man-made unavoidable few dings and scratches of course...).

Cheers !


John Rohde
11th October 2008, 06:16 AM
Thanks for your comments.