View Full Version : Sonic 90

20th September 2008, 11:24 AM
For going fast, top end how fast is this board. my interest is top end for gps measurement in chop, swell

then behind sandbars before going to a super fast 46 wide gun

other Sonics seem to be about slalom as it should be, but if you wanted fast before you jumped on your gun

How fast is it?

The Sonic 90 is 55 wide pretty narrow,

mark h
22nd September 2008, 02:07 AM
I had both the S100 & the S90 at the same time. I used the S90 as a trainer "big speed board" before getting a full-on speedboard. CW the S100 ( still my favourit all time board, 7.8m & 35cm fin), I personally could get an extra 2 knots or so extra speed out of the S90, so its plenty fast. I know Roger T (Holland) has had over 40k on the S90. But then again, a few top UK speedies have had 40k out of there S100 as well. The main difference for me was, I could comfortably run a smaller fin on the S90 CW the S100. The S100 was always much better in chop than the S90, S90 required 110% consentration, and full commitment, back of in chop for 1 second and the S90 will bit you hard, where as the S100 will just give you a gentle warning. I'd say the S90 is more "old school" then "new school".