View Full Version : Phantom Race 380 problems

21st September 2008, 12:58 AM
Have a few issues with my new Phantom Race 380 (raced a couple of times):

1) The dagger board pin is making a mess of the deck denting into the deck
Has the board been re-designed to stop this and if so how and can I make use of it?

2) The bottom is quite soft first time out lifted out of water and the buckle on side of harness dented bottom which I have had to fill and try and match paint un-successfully will be much more carefull from now on
Do you have a spay paint match for the bottom I have tried all sorts of paints which are to creamy?

3) I need to find something that stops the mast from going past number two position on track as any further forward causes nose to sink to much
Any ideas?

The board is very fast and I am winning all my races but could do with some help on these issues.