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sam 2007
24th September 2008, 09:41 PM

The wind has been light here in central Ohio for the last 6 weeks except for the wind storm we had 10 days ago. So, I'm thinking about getting a new longboard.

I'm looking at the Kona 350 and the Phantom 320. Do you know how they compare? I think either one would be good for me but I'm leaning toward the Phantom because of the adjustable mast track and the inboard footstrap positions look more accesible for me than the Kona's.

Which do you think I would enjoy sailing the most?


25th September 2008, 07:49 AM
Hi Sam,
I think your choice depends alot on how far down the windspeed spectrum you want to
If you simply aren't going to sail in < 7knots of wind, then either board would be good with a slight advantage to the Phantom as it planes a bit more like a short board than the Kona.
If you are going to be sailing in < 7 knots, then the longer waterline length of the Kona gets the advantage.
If you are thinking of racing, then the Kona Fleet is the way to go.
The Kona is really big, the Phantom is not quite so big.
Hope this helps,