View Full Version : question for SB shapers, equivalent nose protectors from 2009 range...

29th September 2008, 01:51 PM

I have tried to get the nose protectors for both my boards (of course it is impossible to get the one from that year exactly).
I need to know what nose protector from 2009 should I get for my:

1. Aero 117
2. S-Type 137, 2006

I was told that to my Aero fits an Evo nose protector, size M from 2009 (is it correct?).
I found out that my Carbon masts, which are not smooth on the surface are destroying the paint on the noseof both my boards, and I would like to avoid it.:mad:

Plaese, tell me which is the equivalent in the 2009 range. I will try to order them...