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6th October 2008, 01:59 AM
Hi to all!
im kind of new in the sport, i live in Mexico city but i used to sail in spain while i was studing. Now that i m back i want to continue but i have some question i want to ask you about some gear i want to buy.
My regular spot here is a lake where in windy season has 5 to 15 knots sometimes it get very gusty like 20 knots.

I also will travel to Baja and veracruz to get more wind, like 15 to 30 knots.
I weight 164 lbs and my level i think is intermediate/beginner, i hook in, tak, do some planning and jibing (still having problems with this last one! )
My question is what kind of gear is best suited for these spots and for my level.

I was thinking in a formula board with an 8.5 sail, or a 133 futura for my regular spot and a 104 mistral Syncro for the other spots.

I ll apreciate your advice!


PS. Congratulations for the site, I think is the most complete windsurf site i ve seen

6th October 2008, 03:12 AM
i think the last option is the best one. Though the 104 might still be a bit tough to handle in 30 knots but in the end it's doable ... i've done worse. You'll need more sails then one though and if you're going big, don't take cambered sails; they're great when you know how to use them but as a beginner/intermediate, they'll only get in the way.