View Full Version : EVO XTV 75 vs ACID 74

13th October 2008, 12:03 AM
This year the places I surf seems to have a growing "problem" whith a strong current. I sail the EVO 74 (2007) and have a problem lately with these currents. I can buy an ACID (2008) 74 model. Would this be a better sollution than the EVO? I sail different conditions from Cross-off to on shore, whith waves up to 3m.

13th October 2008, 05:48 PM
Hard to say. An Acid will be faster planing and for many people an easier board for keeping upwind. But on the other hand, the PA74 is in practice a slightly smaller board than the EVO 75 (more similar to the EVO 70). I think you need to go up to the Acid 80 to get something significantly more effective in the upwind department, particularly of you're not always well powered up and if you a bit heavier.

Another thing, the particular model EVO you have (2007 75), was a bit more high wind and dtl oriented. Even a 08 or 09 EVO 75 might prove to give you what you need. Not only do the later models ride a bit higher and more effective, they also come with a bigger and a slightly stiffer fin.

If you have someone on your local beach that was willing to let you have a go on their 08 or 09 EVO 75, that would be a very good idea. If you find that is not good enough, you can go for the Acid.

14th October 2008, 12:26 AM
Hi Ola,
Thanks for the reply. If I read this correct I should also consider an EVO 70 or I should sail well powerd in conditions whith currents. I already use stiffer fins (MFC 20.5 and 22).
I'm not shure that I would like to sail on a 'classical waveboard' anymore, I'm sailing the EVO's since '04. It's just hard to get out in these kind of conditions (cross-on and strong current) and keep the EVO going. As you say, when you sail powered-up or in windy conditions (last week I used a 3.7) there is no real problem, but I like the EVO for it's easy sailing and extra balance in less perfect conditions. Perhaps it's better to buy a 4.7 sail instead of the 4.5 I'm using now.

14th October 2008, 02:16 AM
Well powered helps, and EVOs can actually take quite a lot of sail power in the wave riding. I agree you might fins Acids difficult after so much EVO riding. It's not an impossible switch though. I normaly have an Acid in my quiver and change back and forth a bit. But of course, I'm kind of used to doing these switches and have learn how I have to adapt my sailing to the respective boards.

EVO 70 wouldn't help so much (unless you are sub70kg, then the 70 is pretty much downright a better board). The EVO 70 reference was more to show that the PA74 will feel smaller than your current EVO. My point was more that if given the chance, try a newer EVO 75. They have a bit less rocker and above all less tuck in the rails which make them a fair bit quicker.

16th October 2008, 02:44 AM
Hey tanks,
I'll wait till next year to buy another board. First I'm changing my old 4.5 for a new 4.7 and see what happens. The first testresults of the new EVO 75 wood-carbon are publiched in the october issue of the french "Planche Mach" and they are looking good.
Thanks for the replys.