View Full Version : Nose protector for carve 145

14th October 2008, 05:57 PM

I purchased a carve 145, 2004 model recently and everything was going well with it :)until I put a small crack in the nose after catapulting.:(

I have repaired the crack but also decided I should add a nose protector to prevent future damage.

I ordered what I was told would be a suitable protector from the company supplying repair materials based on the board I had. I know it's been designed for a Futura, not sure what size it as I can only find 145 written by hand on it and it's obviously the type made by Starboard.

The problem is that it does not follow the nose shape very well and leaves the front 20 or 30 mm exposed or lifts of the board on the inside of the curve if I try to re-shape it. protecting the front of the nose is quite important to me as I think the previous damage was caused by the boom clamp just catching the nose.

I was wondering if someone can recommend what nose protector I should be using from the current range to get the best protection.