View Full Version : SUP that I can windsurf in lite winds and waves

15th October 2008, 04:13 AM
I am an exocet fan, but considering the starboad 11.2 to SUP and sail, as an intro to waves with some options to windsurf.

Someone was telling me how great the 11.2 performs as an SUP, but its not a "windsurfer". I really like the video in You tube that Exocet put together on windsurfing the 11.5 and the 10.5 (but not stable enough to SUP.

Then someone else mentioned the 12.6 cruiser as a great windsurf that you can SUP. My concern with that board (starboard) is the length, seems big if you try quick turns or larger waves (up to 5 ft.).

THe other thing that impressed me is that even though the 11.2 has soft rails, it seems to glide really well...so how could you go wrong with a sail?

Input appreciated since I would like to settle on one of these so I can hit the water. This time of year the winds die down but we have plenty of beach to play on...