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15th October 2008, 12:40 PM
Some years ago I had a Carve 145 with a Tushingham Lightning 9.4. When winds were between 12 and 16 knots I would pass any formula sailor on a deep reach just by sheeting in.. It's not like that anymore. Formulas have become very fast even in a lot of wind. I'm thinking of getting some fast gear for those deep reaches in medium winds.
My question is how big the speed difference will be between a formula and a bigger iSonic (122 litres and up)?
Any experiences are welcome..


15th October 2008, 02:17 PM
Hi Per,

We do a lot of long distance in Martinique and this is my experience.

I will say it's very difficult to beat a Formula on reaching under 15 knots with any big slalom boards. But there are more hard in jibe, so that will be ok for long distance. Formula need also more physical demand than slalom boards.

All the best

16th October 2008, 07:57 AM

Nothing is faster deep down wind than a formula board, but it takes a big sail and a lot of practice.

When sailing formula, bigger sails are normally the call for upwind and downwind sailing. Sail size on a slalom board is normally picked for reaching. So in 15 knots, I would rig an 11.0 for maximum downwind speed on formula. Bigger more experienced sailors may choose a 12 or 12.5. In the same conditions, I would rig a 7.5 or 8.4 sail on my iS 111 for reaching. If I really wanted to run deep down wind on the iS at maximum speed, I would have to rig my 9.2 and it still wouldn't run as deep or as fast as the formula 160.

I think a larger iS (122, or 133) would be much better at downwind speed than the 111 and could carry a larger sail (9.5 or 10.0), but they would not match the formula for speed.

There is always a trade off so you can't have everything, that's why many of us have a few boards to cover all of our needs.