View Full Version : flare question

16th October 2008, 04:54 AM
Hi i currently own a 2007 flare111 , i have noticed that several dark patches have began to appear on the wood deck of the board. These are without doubt due to water discoloring the grain of the wood. It seems to be happening on areas of the board which receive a lot of foot abraision , for example just in front of the deck pads and beside the mast track. Is this due to the nonslip being worn through on these points?.
It seems strange that the wood can absorb water like this so easily, surely this wood should be saturated in a resin in which making this water penetration impossible. I am deeply concerned about the condition of my board as it is not very old and i really enjoy sailing it!!!! Could someone be kind enough to reply to shed some light on Starboard construction etc as this is my first wood board and i am not sure if i would buy another after this one , please help.