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16th October 2008, 08:46 AM
Hi All,
I just read over some conversations regarding weight of surfers.
The talk seemed to center around more advanced surfers and wave boards rather than freeride boards.

I am roughly 100k including gear and just started out with rental gear this year.
So far I am using a Go155, which is very easy to handle by now.
I am thinking about buying a Futura but I am not quite sure about the perfect size.
My Problem is that in light winds I feel too heavy for the 7.5 sail I am using (this is Japan and people are much lighter and seem to get to plaining with lesser sails therefore).
Even a 155 is slightly sinking and me feet are always in the water. I guess a bigger sail could solve this but I even wonder whether a 155 is a rather boring board.
My concern is whether a Futura 144 or 133 wouldn't be sinking all the time and be a bad buy for me.
The other members of my club say I should go for 155, but I believe they have just never seen anyone weighting more than 80kg so I doubt their judgement.

Would be very grateful for your thoughts

16th October 2008, 01:05 PM
The Futura 144 should be big enough for you. At standstill it will float you, but at the same time be quite sensitive to how you stand one it (easy to sink the nose or tail if you are not careful). And the 144 should be big enough to have you planing early. I am about as heavy as you are and with a similarly sized board and a 9m sail I plan about as early as a 10 m2 formula setup (with a lighter rider).

I think that even before you switch boards you should look at a bigger sail. A 9.0 sail will make a huge difference for early planing (I would go for a good no-cam)! An alternative is also the need breed of lightwind sails: Severne Glide, Gaastra Plasma, NP Helium. According to tests they produce about as much power in a 7.5 size as a 9 m2 Freerace sail (no need to get a 490 mast and longer boom?).
On the other hand, I have no first hand experience of these sails, and I don't know if they are stable enough for heavier guys that will use them in a higher wind range than they maybe were designed for.