View Full Version : Pure Acid 74 fin?

23rd October 2008, 06:52 PM
I have PA74 2007 without fin. I can not get original Natural Wave fins.

Which alternative fins do you recommend for this board? I am 83kg and I will use this board mostly with 4.5m2, in side-onshore conditions and strong wind. Only rarely with 5.4 or 3.7.

I can get Select or MFC fins and I would like to have 2 fins for this board.

I am looking for fin with maximum on-the-water range. Something that I can pump easily in light wind and also very comfortable in strong gusts.


23rd October 2008, 08:11 PM
I would personally recommend the KP MFC fin (K-One, is it?). Sizing will be heavily dependent on your personal preference. As a guideline, I think a 21 and 23 would make a nice pair. Its a more powerful fin than the original Drake Natural, I would say. So I think the 23 will handle 5.4. An alternative for more fin power would be the 24, but then I think the smaller one would have to be 22 or 21.5 to cover the mid register.

21.5+23 would also make a nice quiver that is more optimized for fine tuning in the mid register.

Ask KP on his forum section for complementary size recommendations. He's also around your weight and he knows the board well.

24th October 2008, 03:19 AM
Like Ola I recommend MFC Fins. Personnaly I use MFC 2K 20.5+22 and drake 22 too for 3.7, 4.2, 5.0 and my weight is between 80kg and 82 kg....ok maybe sometimes 83 :).
For your sails I think like Ola 21+23 is perfect on this board and probably the K-one will be better in side onshore conditions. I think 24 is probably too big for the A74