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24th October 2008, 11:49 AM
i am very new in windsurfing, and i do have problems in pointing with this board, please give some advise..

thank you very much.

24th October 2008, 08:41 PM
Hello Oldhorse, and welcome to the Starboard forums!
I'm going to guess that you have either an F-Type 138 or one of the older small formula
Either way the technique to point the board upwind is the same, and there are really 2 different techniques depending on whether or not you are planing.
What size sail do you have and how much wind are you sailing in.
If you are not planing, the best way to stay upwind is to simply move off center on the board slightly upwind to tip the board so the upwind rail is lower than the downwind rail.
This works in non-planing conditions as uses the "shape" (rockerline) in the bottom of your board to cause the board to turn slightly upwind all the time.
You do not need to rake your sail back much at all, just keep it powered up so the cant in the bottom of your board can take you upwind.
If you have a large enough sail and are planing, then the way to go upwind (pointing) is
a bit more complicated to understand, but it works very well and can get you pointing higher and going much faster.
Once you are fully planing, hooked in, and in the footstraps, you lift slightly with you front foot to slightly roll your board until the lee rail is very slightly lower that the upwind rail.
Then you push across the top of the fin with your back foot/leg and the board will point upwind and sail upwind "on the fin".
This is very counterintuitive, but it's the way short wide boards with big fins go upwind.
Also what size fin do you have.
Hope this helps,

26th October 2008, 07:35 AM
Hi again Oldhorse,
I was looking on the forum archives, and I was wondering exactly which board you
What I said before would apply pretty much to the 2004 Formula 138; Free Formula 138 and the 2005 F-Type 138.
If you are using a fin smaller than the one provided with the board this could affect the upwind performance.
Also, what do you weigh (Kg./Lbs.)?
Hope this helps,

26th October 2008, 09:07 PM
hi Roger
thank you very much for your reply. i am 62kg and board that i have was a 2004 formula 138, i used muri 7.5 & NS 9 M sail, wind over here is below 10 Kn.
I did try the last two days again with your advise, and it work, thank again Roger.

14th November 2008, 02:42 PM
hi Roger,

Pls advise what will be sail size for me to planing at 5~10kn, i am 65kg thank you

15th November 2008, 10:56 AM
Hi Oldhorse,
There is no sail currently on the market that will get you planing on your F-138 in 5 knots.
A really large free race rig (9.5 m2 or larger) will get you planing in around 8-9 knots with
really good technique, but a wider board would be even better with less pumping required.
Hope this helps,

21st November 2008, 12:39 PM
hi Roger

i my thinking of switching to Longboard PHANTOM 320, would it be more easy to handle then the formula 138? (eg. surfing in 5 knots and below type of wind, planning..) please give some advise.. thank you

21st November 2008, 08:36 PM
Hi Oldhorse,
Yes, I completely agree, a longboard or transition board like the '07 Phantom 301 or the 2008 Rio M or Rio S would be much better for you in < 10 knots of wind.
If you get a Phantom, I'd look for the 301 cm long version. I had one of these in 2007 and it was pretty good. Here's a link:
I like the 2008 Rio M even better and it's about the best all around transition board I think any one has ever designed.
The 57 cm Clipper box centerboard works very well to allow you to sail upwind in very light winds, but when you stow the centerboard and put in a larger fin (approx. 56-60 cm) the Rio really give very good shortboard like performance.
At your weight, you could easily sail the Rio S, if you can find one.
Here's a link:
So, yes look for a Phantom or Rio for your light wind sailing.
Hope this helps,

21st November 2008, 08:49 PM
hi Roger
thank you very much for your advise, as for price will the Phantom higher then Rio?

21st November 2008, 09:53 PM
Hi Oldhorse,
I don't really know.
Both are now considered "used" or closeout boards, so I'd check with a few shops and see what kind of deal you can make.
Be sure you are getting a 2008 Rio. The '08 Rio is much different than the earlier Start based Rio's from '06 and '07.
Since you are only 62 kg. you might want to look for a Rio S as it's slightly narrower and has 175 liter volume which should be more than adequate if you've been sailing the F-138.
Where are you located (what country)?
Hope this helps,

22nd November 2008, 08:28 AM
hi Roger

thank you very much.. i am from Singapore, i still thinking of '09" Phantom320 ..

22nd November 2008, 07:46 PM
Hi Old Horse,
Unless you plan to go longboard racing, I do not understand why you
would want such a huge board.
I think the Rio will be much better for you as it combines many of the features
of the longboard with many features of a shortboard (when you kick the centerboard
up) so you get a blend of the best of both types of boards.
The goal of most entry level windsurfers is to get onto a planing shortboard at some point.
With this in mind, if the wind comes up to 12 knots, the Rio M or S will become a large shortboard (that's what most impressed me about the '08 Rio M that I have).
The Rio (even in TufSkin) is nearly 1 Kg. lighter in weight.
The adjustable mast track on the Phantom is a must for racing, but simply something
else to get jammed with sand or corrosion at your skill level.
The big 78 cm centerboard is nice, for racing, but other than a few degrees of upwind angle when sailed by a skillful and experienced longboard racer, your upwind angle would be similar on the (within 5 deg.) Rio M or S.
Hope this helps,

23rd November 2008, 07:27 AM
hi Roger

thank you very much for your advise..