View Full Version : Tunnig or exercise more, to speed up GO 144

27th October 2008, 03:03 AM
Hi there,

I am making progress on the Go 144 (2008 version), (fin 50 cm, sail 5.8, 20 Kn wind). In the intermediate footstrap position, in runs rather well. But, I feel, I need to put a lot of pressure on my back feet to keep control. And can not fully load sail because the board will go downwind. Especially when the speed increases.

I tried the advance position, but than I have large difficulty to control (seems wild horse) and keep on being in plane. Moreover, it is very difficult to reach the back footstrap position (close to the water). (I saw that the 2009 version position is more inboard)

The question for me, should I keep on trying (exercise) in the intermediate position, keeping fin and sail size. Or should I change fin, sail, foot strap position ...

Thanks for the advise,