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1st November 2008, 01:13 AM
Before some days I sold my quatro board 140 lt and I'd order the futura 122 technora is there anyone that can give me some tehnical or practical informations about her I'm sure that the difference is big but I have some fears about her small length (244 cm).My height is 73 the combination futura 122 me and the sail severne gator 6,5 will have good results in the water? thank you....

Chris Pressler
7th November 2008, 04:28 AM
Hi Panagos,
you will like the board. Close the air valve hole with the screw, put the base in the recommended position, fix the fin well inside the Tuttle box and fix the straps in a middle position, more to the inside in the beginning. Get the straps in the right size, before you have your first ride on the water. The sailsize will fit fine. You can put a square meter or 1,5 m bigger in the future without any troubles.

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Good luck,