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6th November 2008, 08:51 PM
Hi, what do you think...I used a Is 101 in Fuerteventura this summer with a 6.7: lot of time too big overall the board because the chop!
So I'm looking for a smaller Is, not only for Sotavento (I know...just for sotavento I'll need a 76!!) but for everywhere...good when there's more then 20-23 knots and also is very choppy, thinking also that it's gusty very often: better a 96 or 86?
I dont'do races and I'm afraid that 86 it's too small and usable like a freestylewave...
I'm about 80 kg, 1.93. I sold the Is 101; I have an Is 120, 8.7, 7.7, 6.7 but not a 5.7 (should I buy it?).
Thank for any advice

Chris Pressler
7th November 2008, 04:10 AM
Hi Velistapazzo,
the iSonic 86 fits perfect for you at Sotavento. You can use the board for sails up to 6,7 out of your range. If you will not do comps, you should not have any troubles. Sometimes itīs a bit gusty on the inside and on some days you can have crazy windshifts. My favourite combination is 86 with my Code Red 6,1. Combined with a 34 cm fin.

Have fun and see you in Sotavento this summer,

7th November 2008, 04:33 PM
Hello Chris,

I just tried yesterday my iSonic 86 for the first time. Awesome board! Which fins do you recommend as an upgrade to the current Drake 34 fin? 6.0 is my smallest sail, so would it be feasible to use a 32 fin for this size?

Thanks for your support.

Best wishes,

Chris Pressler
7th November 2008, 07:43 PM
Hi Rafa,
fine that you like the board. I like the acceleration. Concerning the fins: I suggets a 34 to everybody and a 32 works sweet, too if the chop gets less. Also wnet on a 30 on the speedcourse. In lightwindconditions I got in a 38 combined with a 6,7 just to give the setup a try. And it felt ok, but guess a 36 would make more sense. I try many different fins: the production, the MFC and the Vector Canfire, which I prefer. But itīs up to the personal style.
I like fins who let you feel some flex. Definitely Debichet are great in terms of endspeed.

Have fun,

7th November 2008, 10:05 PM
hallo Chris,
I'm still deciding if buy a used 2008 (is 86) or a new one.
I want use it with sails from 6,7 to 5,8.Where I use to sail the wind can be strong but also gusty.That's the main reason I'm doubtfull about the size.
Plus I own a set of Tectonic Falcon (36-34-32) but I was told that they don't suit the 86.The Deboichet sl2 or sl5 are lot better.
Any chance to test some of that Falcon on the board?
I have an easy access to both Tectonic (which I've enjoyed so much -expecially the Tomcat) and Vector meanwhile it's bit harder (and more expensive) getting a Deboichet.
Can you help me,please?

I'm just got the new 133 and 111.Even if I do think that for big fin size moulded carbon fins are tassative during the season I've heard about Paulo using a big Tectonic Mirage to quick get planning (maybe a 56 in Korea).Can you comment it?

Thank you

Chris Pressler
8th November 2008, 12:05 AM
Hi G,
the 2008 86 is a great choice too. I use the Canfire 34 on this board and it works. No spinouts. My favourite sailsizes are around 6,0, but sailsizes in 5,0 or 6,7 also work very well on this board. This board has a sailrange from 5,0 - 7,0. With 86/111/133 you can cover all windconditions. On the 133 a 9,0 or even bigger, up to 10,0 works great.
If itīs strong and gusty just go for a bit bigger sail.
Concerning Paoloīs fin in Korea: it was a 56 Tectonics, but do not know about the model. He used it on the iSonic 133 combined with a 10,0 m. A real lightwind setup.
I guess 56 cm is on the limit towards the max. 46 to 52 will work fine. But in super light conditions itīs definitely worth to push the gear towards the limit. Paolo was one of the first guys planning in the lightest gusts. But this guy is packed with muscles and could handle this setup with his 95 kg.
Concerning the fin choice for the 86: get one SL2 in 34 or 32 and compare the Debichet with your set of Tectonics. Perhaps Remi can give a commet. He is very much into testing and fin development.

Hope it helps,