View Full Version : new board plz help!

9th November 2008, 06:03 AM
3 years ago i started windsurfing in an old fashioned w-surf (really long board,heavy, and the sail was made of cloth), but I sort of mastered it, an got some experience.
Some months ago I bought a starboard go 122 lt, and a neilpryde solo (6.5)
and i just wanted to know if it's a good pack for my level (good planing, fast, and at the same time not too pro). I have tried it once, but there wasnīt any wind, so i couldnīt really work it out.

9th November 2008, 06:05 AM
oh, also, i weight about 70kg, and would be planing to sail on moderate winds. thx

Chris Pressler
9th November 2008, 02:28 PM
Hi Pipe,
the sailsize fits perfect and the board itself is a nice platform with a moderate width of 72 cm and a comfortable length of 244 cm. The gear will help you the enter the funboard level. You really can improve your skills from beachstart to waterstart, carving, jibing with pressure on the inside rail and so on. You also can get first experiences with chop hopping.
Sure, if you are used to classic gear, the overall feeling will surprise you in the beginning. Itīs not so tricky, you donīt need that much balance, but you will be able to accelerate quite easy, if the wind is strong enough. Would guess with 10 knots you will have a good chance.
For the future of your windsurfing career: the Go 122 carries a much bigger sailsize up to 8,5 /9,0 m and you can use the board in really light wind.

Good luck,