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9th November 2008, 01:45 PM
I am 100kg and looking for a larger board than my C111 with more volume under foot with the hope that I can do some new school sliding maneovers in lighter winds. Would you recommend the Kode as a good choice for this or is it really just a freeride/slalom board in the 122 size? Early planing, turnability, and reasonable speed round out my criteria.

Thanks Peter

Chris Pressler
9th November 2008, 03:33 PM
Hi Peterggg,
definitely the Kode 122 works much better for Freestyle compared to a Carve. And some years ago there were Freestyleshapes, mainly protos and some productionboards (freesex, and a board from Tabou).
You should take the wood carbon version. A lighter board helps to get the lift for the fluid intiations of your freestyle tricks. You also should fix the straps on the inboard inserts with a single strap on the back.
I travel a lot and took last year the Kombat 122, the prerunner of the KODE 122, on some trips. The board was perfect to play around and I could easily fix a 8,0.
I am not sure if I will take a 111 or 122 KODE, but it will be definitely a KODE again having in the quiver when travelling around.
I would describe the board as a lively freerider, which gives you the chance to sail more freeride orientated or to sail freestyle oldschool with a chance to practice some newschool tricks. It will help to fix a shorter fin than the 38 in your box.

Sure, the pure freestyler is the FLARE, but 106 liters are perhaps not enough. With which sailsize and which windforce do you want to start to sail? Which sliding moves are you gonna practice on the board?

11th November 2008, 12:31 AM
Thanks for the helpful reply.

I was imagining starting off with 180* moves like Willie Skippers and then Vulcans (I can aerial, bum splat gybe currently). I was also thinking of going up to an 8.0m2 to complement my 6.6m2 Hucker. Smaller than that I would be on a smaller board. I was also imagining getting a more freestyle oriented fin, as well.

I know an 8.0 sounds ridiculously big for freestyle but I'm a strong, heavy guy and don't mind throwing around a little more sail to get planing (I heli-tacked a 10.4m2 the other day and it wasn't so bad).

Hey Starboard, for the price of a Wood carbon Kode maybe you should include two fins!

13th November 2008, 08:20 AM
Another comment for Starboard: I just priced up a Wood Carbon 122 at my local shop: C$2800!!!! Is this April 1st?