View Full Version : Futura 111 or 122

10th November 2008, 03:06 PM

I am considering getting a Futura but trying to decide between the 111 or the 122. I am 195 -200 pounds (90kg) in weight. I think I am leaning more towards the 111 to be able to use it in higher winds. However I would like to know if the 111 would still perform well with an 2008 Formula/Slalom type 8.3 race sail or it the 122 would be a better match for a sail of that size? I would also like to use the board for sails down to 6.0 / 5.8 range.

Thanks for any advice you or others can provide.

Good winds,


Chris Pressler
10th November 2008, 04:55 PM
Hi Chuck,
if you will use the 8,3 most of the time I would suggest the Futura 122. Fits better for the sailsize and your weight.