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12th November 2008, 04:18 PM

I am new to the forum and already need your advice, because I want to purchase a new board. My name is Cor and I live in the Netherlands. I am windsurfing for about 15 years and am looking to replace my current board with another board with the same low end.

At the moment I use a Bic Veloce 298 (298 long, 64 wide, 137 l, 9,8kg) in combination with a North Sails Matchrace 7,8 (freerace) and a North Sails Pyro 6,5 (freeride). The board I want to buy will be my board for low wind days. I can plane with my Bic and a 7,8 at 10 knots (average wind).

I use a smaller freerideboard, a F2 Wizzard 100l (262 long, 61 wide), for the windier days. On this board I use also the 6,5 and a North Sails Duke 5,8.

I am a recreational windsurfer who likes to ride fast and spend many hours on the water. The reason to replace my board is that I want a board that planes good trough lulls and rides upwind good. My weight is 72 kg and I am 172cm tall. The board will be used on a lake with sometimes choppy conditions in combination with a 7,8 and 6,5. When the wind is constant enough I prefer my 100l board for the 6,5.

The board I am looking for needs to have:
- the same (or lower) low end as my Bic
- a better upwind performance
- higher top and average speed
- good control in choppy and well powered up conditions
- a lively and sporty ride.

I am not sure what board to choose, but I tend to go for a Futura or Isonic.

So my questions are:
which board will be better for me? Isonic or Futura
Which volume?
Is is interesting for me to invest in a bigger sail (like a 8,5 or 9m)?

Some surfers I know tell me that an Isonic is a bad choice because my sails are no real racers but freeracers, so I would better choose a Futura. An Isonic should also be less comfortable, not very easy to sail and donít plane as easy as a Futura. Opinions on volume are also different, some surfers advise me to go for a 122, some tell me to go for a 111. The sail I will mainly use on the board is the 7,8. Eventually I can buy a good racefin for a better upwind performance.

I am looking forward to hearing your advice.


the Netherlands

Chris Pressler
13th November 2008, 02:32 AM
Hi Corsurf,
many questions, but easy choice. You should go for one of the two FUTURAS.
122 would be the best choice, which is not to close to your wizzard and carries 7,8 very fine. You also can put a 8,5 on this board. The upwind performance will be great.

20th November 2008, 09:46 AM
Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your advice. I went for the Futura 122. If I want to put a bigger sail on it, can I go best with a Severne Overdrive, or should I take a Glide 8.5 which should plane even earlier. At the surfshop they have a Glide 8.5 and Overdrive 8.5 available. So I can make a nice freeride/freerace set for use at light wind days.



20th November 2008, 12:42 PM
Hi Corsurf,

Totally agree 122 will your best choice. For the sail is depend of you, the Glide is really a machine for light winds and after use your Matchrace 7,8. If Overdrive it will be less perform in light winds but will glide beter and go faster when the wind will pick up. But to close to your Matchrace. If you want to keep your Matchrace better to choose the Glide if not Overdrive.

All the best

27th November 2008, 03:53 AM
I guess it depends how competitive your are. Do you want to go faster than your friends - especially upwind? If so, then get an Isonic. At your weight I'd go for the Isonic 111. If you buy a Futura you'll always be second guessing yourself - looks like you did, oh well there's always next time.

30th November 2008, 10:56 PM
I Grant,

At the moment I haven't purchased the board. I have the possibility to try a Futura 122 and an ISonic.

Recently I met a dream team member who surfs very much at the lake where I often go. He wanted me to test his Futura 122. The last time I went windsurfing, I was first riding my Bic with my 7.8 Matchrace, but when he arrived at the water, I needed to take my 4.7 and a 85ltr FreestyleWave board, because the windspeed increased very much.

Soon I hope to have more luck with the windconditions.


30th November 2008, 11:36 PM
If you're not in a hurry of some sort, take your time and try a few boards. Both F and iS will feel very different to your Bic. Especially with iSonic, you'll need more than a few runs to get used to it. It's not an easy answer, because I have some friends who really like "sharper/harder" ride of the slaloms (compared to freerides), while others hate it. Volume-wise, at your weight iS111 might be just enough (it's wider than a Bic, and it will take an 8.5), but it's worse when schlogging (wide and short). So it depends on how much lulls do you have on the lake, among other things.

Maybe you already know, but in the end it boils down to this:
Freeride = a bit easier to plane, easier to schlog, easier to gybe, more user friendly.
Slalom = you need to work a bit to plane (after some time you get used to it), higher top and average speed, better up/down wind angles, edgier/scarier/more exciting/more demanding ride, a bit more technical to gybe (but fast and rewarding!). For 7 or bigger sails, on a lake, I prefer slalom over freeride by a wide margin.
There is some learning curve for slalom, but all this is not out of reach for casual sailors, it's just what feel do you want from your sailing.

PS Btw, 3-cams freerace sails will do just fine on both F and iS.