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22nd November 2008, 04:27 PM
Hi guys,

Already have a 48 wide speed board, but am looking for something to really turn on the speed with sails 5 to 6.2 when it really blows. At 98kg and 6 foot, has anyone of similar stature out there used one and what have they found its like (eg. is it too small for practical use at my weight, or needs West Kirby conditions to work, or hell yeah in 30-40 knots its a blinder, and importantly at what wind speed/water conditions is it too small?). Thanks for any advice! :)


Ian Fox
27th November 2008, 04:53 PM
Hi Tim,

Realistically for your size the W44 is probably best considered a board for powered 5.5m (speed) conditions and windier. It's actually easier than expected to get started (for a board of this size) and the relative volume ensures a pretty efficent "carry" thru lulls on the course- as well as good acceleration to pick off gusts mid run, but in speed conditions up to about 40 kts of board speed you'll probably find the W49 a more versatile range for bigger riders (which obviously overlaps the majority of your range on the current 48cm). The 44 does well over small to medium speed chop (and rolling swell as is common on broad speed courses in higher winds)- and has a safe and encouraging rail, allowing the rider to "push on" confidently in chop conditions when you would be thinking about taking it a bit easier..

yes, in 30-40 kts, it is a blinder!.

Cheers ~ Ian

2nd December 2008, 09:28 PM
what about the big 53 Speed isonic machine? is even better to lulls and chop? or jibe ( for one more not perfect speed conditions )
thanks for details

3rd December 2008, 05:41 AM
Thanks guys, we actually get near perfect conditions in a number of spots. So really the question is, when its really blowing, in good to excellent conditions, does this board work for the heavy sailor. Sounds like it does from the comments! Thanks.

3rd December 2008, 02:49 PM
so, you think that if i want to go for a speed board ( 5 bft and more ) my weight is 80 kg
the 49 is better? or 53?
i have not realy flat , windy places to go but a bit of choppy seas..