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23rd November 2008, 10:46 AM
It's a 05 AHD Wave. Opened the plug screw and it gurgled a bit. The boards had a minor heat delamination incident but i'm wondering if this a bad sign. Does the screw have to be removed totally to be considered "loosened"? How can I get this moisture out? Will consider vaccum or longterm heated storage, otherwise it could see -10 for a few months. BTW, if it was a starboard and it touched -1c air would the warranty then be void?:o

23rd November 2008, 09:04 PM
Hi K.lauman,
If your board has had some "heat delamination" and you haven't really dried it out and repaired the source of the leak into the core, then yes, you have a real problem.
I'd suggest removing the vent plug completely, and storing your board in a heated attic or somewhere else that will be warm and dry for the entire winter.
If you have access to a vacuum pump, making/obtaining a fitting and putting a vaccum on the interior core of the board would be the best way to dry it out before you store it.
Just be sure you don't put too much vacuum on it and crush the interior foam.
If you decide to use the vacuum method, get back to me and I can look up some recommendations on the amount of vacuum that's safe.
Storing your board "wet" in -10 C would be a disaster because when the ice forms inside the board it will expand and cause delamination of the wet layers of foam from the skin of the board.
If it was a Starboard, and the interior was wet, I do not think they would honor any warranty. It might depend on how the water got into the board.
If you left the vent loose or removed.....no warranty!
If you dinged the board and did not dry it out before it was permanantly repaired... no warranty!
If the board was never dinged or repaired, and the vent -plug was tight from the day you got the board... maybe some warranty consideration...maybe not. Certainly not on a well used 2005 board.
I'm not associated with Starboard's warranty process in any way, so the above are only guesses. I think it would depend on if there was some manufacturing flaw that allowed water to enter the core of the board...or not.
Hope this helps,

25th November 2008, 02:04 AM
thanks Roger! I thought i'd ask here on the most active windsurf website around. I'm still waiting for AHD's reply.

Do you need board specifications for the right vacuum pressure?

25th November 2008, 07:53 AM
Hi K. Lauman,
No, I'd probably simply ask Eva Holiman (The Board Lady) what her experience has been on the AHD boards.
Normally full sandwich boards (I think the AHD is a full sandwich) like AHD, Starboard, and others can stand a bit higher vacuum with no internal damage.
Depending of the way the board is structured, you need to set your vacuum regulator
so that you get the vacuum inside the board to "boil off" the moisture, but you cannot go too high or the outer structure of the board could collapse and crush the interior foam.
Hope this helps,