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4th December 2008, 07:17 AM
Hi, I bought a go 155 09 about 10 weeks ago and only sail once or twice on the weekends I'm very happy with the board but after 3 weeks I fell off and when got back on the board I noticed a hole in the tuff skin down to the surface of the board about 3cm across x 6cm long.I was sailing last weekend and the same thing happen the hole wasn't as big. I'm taking back to the shop where I bought it for them to have look, I just wonder if you where having trouble with the tuff skin on 09 models.otherwise board is very fast and easy to haddle. Regards Nicko

Ellen Faller
6th December 2008, 01:17 AM
Hello Nicko
The GO boards have an EVA (dense foam-like padding) surface over the actual Tufskin board. Are the holes in the EVA or has the surface of the actual board (much harder) been damaged?
If it is just the EVA, then your board should be fine and will only have some surface bruising. That may happen when a fall involves some friction. The EVA is the first layer of protection. The Tufskin is fairly hard to damage.
I hope it is only the EVA that has been damaged. Your dealer will be able to tell you more once they've seen it.
good luck!