View Full Version : Comparision stype 137 (07) with Futura133 (09)

walter 1212
14th December 2008, 01:36 PM

I have a question concerning Stype 137 (2007), i own since 2007, and the new Futura 133 (2009). I want to exchange my Stype for futura 133. I used stype with Gaastra GTX 7,0 and GTX 8,5. I please you to compare the two boards. Whats about the control in choppy conditions. Which sail size make sense on F 133.

kind regards

Chris Pressler
14th December 2008, 08:16 PM
Hi Walter,
out of my view feels the S-Type much mor edirect and a bit harder, less cushioned. The Futura is wider, with an overall thin shape (slim), which can handle choppy water excellent.
Sailsizes in between 7,0 and 9,5 work excellent. You can use No Cam sails or Sails with 1-3 cams very well.
If you find a nice setup you will fly with the Futura in a very relaxed body position. What I can remember the S-Type 127: it needed a bit higher skill and more attention to the board. The FUTURA 133 is a very forgiving concept and makes windsurfing much fun.

All the best,

walter 1212
16th December 2008, 02:27 AM
Hi Chris!

Thanks for your answer.

What are the experiences about speed and boardcontrol concerning stype 137, F 133, IS 133. Which of the mentioned boards ist first planing?

Thanks Walter

Chris Pressler
16th December 2008, 03:44 AM
Very good question, Walter!! Would guess that the Futura and the iSonic are really close. The iSonic is much shorter and wider. You can use bigger on the 133. A 10.0 works without any problem.
Perhaps Remi or Ian have some ideas, which board starts off earlier.

16th December 2008, 07:13 AM
I think I saw in a post earlier that the 133 get going as early as 8-10 knots with the 10m sail.

25th December 2008, 06:15 PM
I think somethings are getting mixed up:

- IS133 with big sail (e.g. ~ 10sqm) in light winds 8-10kts will be the only board providing non stop planing fun (the ST137 and FU can take large sails <= 9.5 but no fun, no upwind no speed, no planing jybes, just being able to plane a bit downwind for a gust or so).
- IS133 with big sail and >= 12 kts can already start to scare the crap out of weekend warriors, especially when waves (~ 1m) start to build

- the FU133 and IS133 are only really "close" if you tie them together (like tie them together to a stone) , otherwise in light wind <= 14 kts the IS 133 will absolutely smoke the FU133 and ST137 on all courses

- the ST137 I found a lot faster and more willing to fly than the FU133, the FU133 a bit easier (more forgiving) to gybe
- getting each (ST137 + FU133) on a plane was somewhat different, I was able to coax the ST137 very early on a plane (but at that time I had to, my FT137 was in pieces due to qualitiy problems...) so I can't really say which one. I would tend to believe the ST137.

I changed my board selection and
use the IS133 (which will get some competition from a Manta 85) in light winds (<= 14kts),
the FU133 in light to medium winds (<= 18kts) (when I want to work on some trick or the water is too rough for a wide wood board)
and use my ST115 and K86 above that

Just one word of advice from a burnt board buyer:
The newer boards don't always have advantages in store for you. If you can't test ride the exact board you want to buy I'd rather stay with an old one unless its falling apart. I really suffered when I traded in my fantastic A117 for a not so fantastic (notice the polite phrasing) KA117, then KA127 before giving up on the Kombat Aero all together.

Just one more word of advice:
the IS133 is a light wind racer, not made for trying out any tricks, if your not almost perfect you are defintely going to break it. It is by no means a viable replcement for an ST137 (in its intended range).

What wind range and water conditions are you aiming at?
the IS133 with a ~ 10 sqm sail could perfectly supplement your ST137 on light wind days, on days with more wind or rougher water conditions you could still use your ST137.

25th December 2008, 06:43 PM
Dont think the S type ever claimed to be or ever was a good early planer. Found mine was great when bordering on overpowered. Futura (IMO) planes up earlier ;is more forgiving and (I think) gybes better.
S type handles chop and has speed of a smaller board. I ended up looking as St 137 as more akin to a 120 litre board but with a bit of volume to float home. Top speed is great on S type .(Again when maxed out)
No idea about Isonic.
Upwind (not overpowered) Futura is better.Overpowered S type every time. (But not with standard fin)
S type is (IMO) quite a specialised board.(Heavies slalom for rough water with a bit of reserve volume thrown in) Futura more allround and loads easier to get best from.

walter 1212
3rd January 2009, 08:36 PM
First of all, many thanks because of the detailed informations.
Nevertheless i want to ask, which board (F 133 oder ST 137) has advantages at about 16-18 kts concerning controll and speed with a 7,0m sail?

Any ideas?


4th January 2009, 02:11 AM
Performance wise S type.(Especially if its choppy)
Out of blocks Futura.(Futura planes up earlier;even 133 v 137)
S type (IMO) is harder to extract performance.But its in there.
Futura easier.(But again IMO dont think Futura is fantastic in chop)
But its so close would be down to sailor.
Good luck.
Both are good boards.

walter 1212
4th January 2009, 04:47 PM
Does anybody have experience, how quick ST 137 and F 133 are downwind with an appropriate sail (gaastra GTX 7,0 and 8,5).

Does it make sense to buy a race sail for F133 or are the speed advantages limited by using F133 (compared with IS 133).


5th January 2009, 06:49 PM
Hi, I only can post on S-Type, the other I have not tried yet.

I also do not share the thing that ST is an aerly planner (I would say an exact opposit) but it trully is a board with a huge potential.

I ride it with element 8.5 mostly and it is one of my favourite combos...I hated it at the begging but as I learned what the board likes and how to ride it it became my favourite one.

About the upwind, it goes very good upwind with the standard fin as well, of course with a more direct (effective) slalom fin even better. It goes good upwind when not planning or when full planning overpowered..the transition is a disaster.

Definetely no problem in choppy water, I sailed it on the see in up to 4 meters see waves, and it is a kind of fun.

Speed is generely no problem for the board, another slalom/speed fin maybe 2cm shorter and the board will fly...well it is flying anyway.

PS: If you did not observed the qualities of the board keep it and try to dig it out of you...there is no similar board to get today.

PPS: To the post mentioning AERO 117...I have it and I can really say that this is the board that got me back to windsurfing and make me hate the sport at first but everything has changed and currently it is the most ridden horse in my stable...

Have fun,
ciao Michal.:)