View Full Version : Isonic 2009 Ad

Erik Loots
21st December 2008, 08:30 PM

Is it just a fancy 'marketing' graph? Or is it really true?? I guess this graph is just about lift generated just by the bottompart that is in the water.

2 Problems:
-Wouldn't it loook more like the outline of the board???
-Would the deeper parts in water (the more you get to the tail), generate significant more lift?

Release point seems normal, I also think this is a good release point.

I would really like to hear what starboard think about this matter??? BTW I can't really read the small font in the ad.

Maybe it is topsecret, but do you guys figured out how much taillift comes from the bottom. I think freeride boards use way more lift from the bottom than raceboards. But do you guys have some 'average' numbers, I would really like to have something to think about!

Wrote also a few things on my blog, published it today: