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3rd January 2009, 02:16 AM
Hi Roger
I had similar post few moths ago but for me still there is one issue not so
"clear" to me, so please can you give me a comment.

I am interested how much sooner I will get planning with just taking wider board (with same fine Drake 48 or 52cm Select). So If I get planing with F133 at ~14knots of wind, will I get planing at ~12knots or less with iSonic150.

i.e. 1st SET = Futura133+Simmer 3XC 9,0m2 sail
i.e. 2nd SET = iSonic150+Simmer 3XC 9,0m2 sail
My weight ~95kg :)

3rd January 2009, 11:40 AM
Hi prpa,
OK, here's your 2 selections:
1/ 1st SET = Futura133+Simmer 3XC 9,0m2 sail
'09 Futura 133= 133 ltrs; 247.5 cm long; 77.0 cm wide; 49.2 cm OFO 7.70 Kg Wood;
8.10Kg Technora 6.0-9.5 sail range; Drake R13 Race SL 480 Fin 40-50 Fin Range Tuttle fin box.
2/ 2nd SET = iSonic150+Simmer 3XC 9,0m2 sail
'09 iSonic 150= 150 ltrs; 228 cm long 93.5 cm wide; 65.1 cm OFO 8.50 Kg WOOD; 7.5-11.5; sail range; Drake Slalom R13 Race NR 560 fin; 52-62 fin range; Deep Tuttle fin box.
OK, the iSonic 150 is 93.5 cm wide and the Futura 133 is 77 cm wide= 16.5 cm wider for the iSonic.
Let's also look at the "one foot off" (OFO) width....iSonic 150 is 65.1 cm.. Futura 133 is
49.2 cm wide OFO= 15.9 cm
That much difference in width could easily make the difference between planing at 12 knots windspeed vs 14 knots windspeed, even for a 95 Kg. (209.4 lbs.) sailor.
As to whether or not a 9.0 m2 slightly detuned race sail will get you going in 12 knots, I don't have that answer. It seems for this wind range for a sailor your size, perhaps the
'07 Simmer 2XC might have been a better choice for early planing.
I would expect you to go a bit larger on the sail size if you want to get the earliest planing from either one of these boards.
To get a big fellow going really early (like 12 knots windspeed) it takes both board width and sail size (especially a sail with top notch low end power.
At your size, I do not think there is any way you could get the Futura 133 going in 12 knots, but there's a strong chance (with good technique and some pumping) that you could get the iSonic 150 planing.
Hope this helps,

4th January 2009, 03:00 AM
Hi Roger
thanks a lot for your post know I have some idea that I will get something with buying iSonic150, but as I expected for real "progress" I will have to buy/exchange my Simmer 3XC 9,0 with bigger sail.

Few moth ago you suggested me sail ~10,0m2, is this still your recomendation for this iSonic150?

Also this sail as you mention should have good bottom end power, SO PLEASE SUGGEST ME SAIL from one of the next manufactures:
-Neil Pride
Because this brends I can buy localy.

I am still "new" in the this sport (~4 years), but realy I get realy involved this year and now I will have posibility to spend more days on the sea, so I will have Futura133 with my 6,0 and 7,5 sail for "normal" use and ISonic150 + 10,0 for light wind days.

Do you think this is good combination of sails/boards?

Thanks again and recive All the best wishes in New year for You and all SB team! :D

4th January 2009, 06:54 AM
Hi prpa,
OK, I checked the websites for the brands you have on your short list, and here's
what I find.
Neil Pryde....look at the V8 10.0m2.
Gaastra... look at the GTX 10.0... I have reservations as this is listed as a race sail, and
that's not what you really need.
You need good low end power, and race sails are more noted for having great top end stability and the ability to be sailed waaay overpowered.
Free race sails with lots of draft are more likely what you want/need.
Point 7... look at the AC-2 10.0.
If you are able to get Starboards, can you not also get Severne Sails?
The Severne Overdrive 10.0 m2 would be a good choice as well.
Where are you located that you are limited to only the 3 brands?
Hope this helps,

4th January 2009, 01:37 PM
Thanks for your update
I am living in Croatia (ex Yugoslavia) this is oposite side of the Italy in Adriatic sea.
I put these tree brands because I can buy it in my city or near and these delers have good reputation and sails on stock. I can also get North Sails, Simmer, Severn, RRD, Loft, Naish but these delers do not have sails on stock (or only few) and I heard that there were some problems with tooo late deliveries.

Thanks a lot for your info, I will definitly go with freerace sail.