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14th January 2009, 01:03 AM
I have a Formula 159 (+ 10.3 freeracesail) and an S-type 126 (+6.5 freeridesail, the 126 doesn't really work with anything bigger than 7.5).

If I - 95 kgs experienced - want an Isonic in between these two boards what will any of you recommend? I will primarily use a 8.5 freeracesail with the board.
I don't compete, and I sail in quite gusty conditions....


2007 or 2008???

All feedback is very welcome.


mark h
14th January 2009, 03:06 AM
Either would be good and both will work with your 8.5m, but the iS122 will feel best in 8.5m mode. 07 & 08 are both nice boards, but the newer the better. Your ST126 should feel good with a 7.5m. I'm 105kg once borrowed an 06 ST126 to use with a 7.8m race sail. It did feel like it would take a little bit more with a larger fin. But this might just be my preference.

The only prob is that you will end up with 3 light wind boards!! Although they have different briefings, the iS111/iS122 are very near to your ST126, and the iS133 will be for just one sail (8.5m), a bit of a luxury I guess. I wonder if it might be worth considering a more even spread between your boards.

Maybe sell/PX the ST 126 and replace with an iS111 for 6.5/7.5/8.5 then jump onto the FW/10.3m there after??


Keep both your FW & ST, dump the 8.5m and replace with an NP Helium 7.5 for light wind ST126 days and get a powerfull fin??

My 2 cents worth

14th January 2009, 12:07 PM
Hi Mark
Thanks. Well, the ST 126 isn't really a light wind board. Though 126 litres the tail width is only 41 cm (only 1.5 cm more than Evo 100 - the IS 122 is 13 cm wider in the tail). This makes it a very loose and great blaster with my 6.5. It can carry bigger, but then it gets a very locked in feeling which it's not really made for.
I guess you're right. The F159/IS133 gap is a little too close. Almost same wind range.
Maybe it should be F159/IS122 and then switching the 126 to something smaller...??
I don't know if the IS 122 will work with a 6.5 for recreational blasting??


14th January 2009, 11:11 PM
Hi Per, the ST126 was my light wind board, an excellent one by the way. But at 95 Kg and with 8+ sqm sails you probably need fins in the 45~48 cm range, and it's too much for it. The gap between 159 and 126 is too small. The Futura 122 (47 cm OFO) will probably carry a 8.5 better and work with your 6.5 as well.

15th January 2009, 03:36 AM
Hi Per, I have a IS122 2008 and at 85kg have used a 4-cam 6m6 on it with a C3 Venom 38 fin to peak at 31kn gps - not too bad at 50+ years. But, I find it all comes down to sea state - those runs were on small inner harbour wind chop - as it gets to true 6m6 waves then the IS122 is way too big to hold down (and slower with control!).

I've also used 7m0, 7m6, 8m2 and 8m8 Naish Redlines/Stealths on it too with Venoms 42 and 46. 7m0 & 7m6 are fast in the right sea, but I feel a smaller board would be faster ( I'm planning to add an IS94) - for me 7m6-8m2 optimises the planning/board speed at my recreational level while 6m6-8m8 hold their own challenges!

16th January 2009, 05:28 AM
Hmm... If you want to keep both your current boards, I think the iS 133 or futura 133 would be the best fit between them.

Or if you want to replace the S-type, I'd get a futura 122. It should have more range than the S-type on both ends.

For really windy conditions you could get a cheap secondhand board around 100 liters, since you won't be using it often.