View Full Version : isonic 150

10th February 2009, 02:41 AM

I'm a advanced windsurfer (weight: 83kg - length: 1,88m) and I'm looking for a isonic board.
Aim: to do some (downwind) slalom races on a lake (distance between buoys: +- max 400m).
In light wind conditions, I use a Neil Pryde sail V8 - 9,4mē (I don't have a bigger sail).

Is the choice for an isonic a good one (instead of a formula board)?
Do I need a isonic 150l or a smaller one?
If the windconditions become stronger, what is the maximum windspeed or windrange (Bft/knots) for an isonc 150 (for an average windsurfer like me)?
How does this board perform in choppy conditions?

Thanks a lot for your answers!