View Full Version : Light wind wave board E80 vs. K86

22nd February 2009, 12:11 AM
I am looking for a "light-wind" wave board for 5.0-6.0 sailing. I weigh 75kg and sail on the west coast of Sweden . Typically it is onshore/x-on and the waves are not powerful and approx. 1-2m at 5.0-5.7 conditions (wind generated waves). I have been considering the K86 or E80 and wonder on the difference in light wind performance. I would assume the K86 has better early planing? I currently have the E74 06 but may consider changing it to a E70 i.e. E70+E80 or E70/74+K86.......

22nd February 2009, 02:06 AM
Hi Surfmeister,

I weigh 80kg and I use acid 86 2008 for lightwind with blade 5.0 and S1 5.7. I love this board with early planning and very good carving in medium waves (like you I use it with 1-2 m waves). Before I used Evo 80 but planning is not so fast, Evo 80 is less fast but have a great capacity in low waves. Evo is more easy and less technical to use.
For me my favorite board between E80 and K86 is K86