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23rd February 2009, 06:17 PM
I have cople of SL7 and I like them espesialy for flat water,but I have dificultys on ruf conditions or havi chop,it sems to me SL7 has to much power and lift and thas not enaf control . I have tryed SL4 and it changed situation complitly much esier to control the board the only problem is price. Is anyone has expiriance to compare SL7 to SL9 .Thank you in advance.

Erik Loots
26th February 2009, 09:39 PM
Hi Valentine,

The SL9 is just a upgrade from SL7 for serious speedsurfers/ slalomsurfers that are looking for better manouvrebility, gybing. Still I have only tried a SL9 33cm proto, and it is also powerfull.

If you want to beat a SL4 fin with a select I would recommend for control a S07 M, that is my favorite control fin. If the water is REALLLY a mess the select devil is the way to go in smaller sizes, but I only take the devil with deep downwind, the S07 M is giving me enough control in 99% of all conditions I sail. I like the topspeed of the S07 M better.


Erik Loots

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17th March 2009, 01:55 AM
Do you sail with iSonics ? I sail my iSonics with SL7 and i don't like them. Only when i am overpowered the fin feels good. With less wind the board feels dead and sticks to the water. I sail the masttrack behind the middle position.

isonic 133 wit RS7 49 with vapor 8.2
iSonic 101 with SL7 39 with vapor 7.6

Erik Loots
17th March 2009, 03:44 PM

I don't own a Isonic, but they are not rare. I sailed a few spread over the last years. It could be your sailing style requires more lift from the fin. There are 2 ways... Longer fin, but you will loose control/speed in higher wind

or just go for more flex in the fin. If you look @ select fins these models have more taillift the Select S07 softness Medium /ghost/ proslam.

On my CA speedboard (also v-bottom) it took a while before I was able to sail good speed with a standard SL7. I really prefer to sail a Select S07 M underneath my CA Speed.

18th March 2009, 02:54 AM
101 with 7.6 and sl7 39demand wery hi position of the boom and only external position of foots streps