View Full Version : STARBOARD I SONIC: think about it.

28th February 2009, 04:23 AM
well i will think about it,
but unless you give me one for free ,
as i cannot afford a new board,

all i will do is think!!

"think about it " what a dumb caption

28th February 2009, 06:02 PM
"No money no honey" ;-)
I got a second hand '08 iSonic 122 lately. I f you don't think about that the board is very fragile, it actually raplaces two ordinary boards (lets say a 150 and 110 litre set up) for ordinary blasting surfers. That actually makes it a very cheap option compared to the "new board for the every 3 knots of wind" option. It sails extremely efficient with both a 9.0 and 6.5. It feels small and big at the same time, and both planing, speed and jibes are excellent.
Sometimes Starboard take chances (and make silly designs and marketing), but those new "ugly" cumbersome designs like the iSonic do deliver something special. I'm not easy to impress after twelve years of windsurfing and lots of different boards, but my new iSonic is without doubt the best board I've ever had (and yes - the most fragile)..


2nd March 2009, 06:31 AM
"No money no honey" ;-)
I got a second hand '08 iSonic 122 lately. I f you don't think about that the board is very fragile


Hi Per,

I know that the slalom race board are build to minimize weight and maximize performance...but talking about fragility...have you already broken you iSonic or are is it only the widely accepted opinion?

No offense, I am just curious. If you broke it already, than I am interested in where and how...

Tnaks and bye...

PS: Yeah, and for the first one. I like the motto, thinking about it does not mean that you get one for free. You just have to know what you want...you want the winning machine - get iSonic!

2nd March 2009, 09:35 PM
Hi Mim..
I bought it second hand, end the deck where you step down when you initiate a jibe has sunk something like 1.5 cm. and its quite soft after only one season. I knew it when I bought it and I've already ordered some epoxy products to re do it. I'm quite used to fibre work so I don't worry about it, but I've never had such a problem with any of my other Starboards.


5th March 2009, 12:55 AM
good point thinking is the best way to travel!!

5th March 2009, 08:54 PM
Iīve been on Isonics the last three years

season 2007 Isonic 111/87 2007 models
season 2008 Isonic 133/111 2008 & 87 2007
season 2009 Isonic 133/111/86 2009

since I jumped to these incredible speed machines I recorded the following :

Isonic 111 2007: after 1 year of heavy use was sold to a friend in perfect conditions to be replaced by 2008 model.

Isonic 87 2007 : after two complete seasons (including 2 trips to Jericoacoara heavy conditions and two Cuesta del viento see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITR9b-smeWA) was sold in almost perfect conditions. she had a little scrath on the nose because a crash during a Jericoacoara flight.

Isonic 111 2008: Idem IS 111 2007
Isonic 133 2008: just the same (but to be honest, she had less hours on the water)

Isonic 111 2009: after a hard catapult because of a plastic bag while flying at + 30 knots during our national championship the board had a scratch in the nose, easily repaired by myself (I suffered a lot more than the board because of the crash)

Isonic 133 and 86 2009 both are six months old and no problems until now

I have to say that I sail every day the wind blows (windsurfing is my therapy) so my boards have a constant use over the entire year. I train and sail hard, at my 89 kg I have a record of broken booms (any sponsor there???) but the boards seems to refuse to fail.

Just one thing (sorry starboardīs crew): except to the IS111 2007 model only the Drake fins suplied to the boards really sucks (i tried carefully all of them).

I hope my XP would be of your interest guys !!!