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28th February 2009, 07:21 AM
I currently have awood 05 Evo 74L. I'm only 60 kg so it is my most used wave board as I use sails from 4.2m to 5.7m (changing fins though). The best aspect about this board is that I can be using it in light wind down the line waveriding when everyone else is on much larger freestylewave boards. I am considering upgrading to a 74L 07 Evo.I understand that the 07 has a bit more rocker than the 05. Is this true? Will the gain in manoeuvrability be at the expense of the early planing (when using a 5.7m) that I currently treasure? If so am I better staying with the 05?


Ray Timm
28th February 2009, 12:25 PM
I have both boards and in my opinion the 07 requires more power to get on plane. It can feel sticky unless there is steady wind to get it up and going. The 05 for me was one of the best to get going in lighter wind and gybed well on flat water, something that I find the 07 doesn't do particularly well unless you really maintain power throughout the gybe.

If you have the wind, the 07 is definitely superior on the wave. I find it quite loose and easy to get vertical. Compared to the 05 it has a more direct feel on both frontside and backside turns. For what your currently using your 05, it is the better board.

1st March 2009, 01:21 AM
With the 07 EVO 75 you will gain control at high speed and on a fast wave, not really maneuverability with 5.7, but it will feel a bit slower, as Ray says. Since you are so light, I would instead recommend the EVO 70 from 07 (or 08 or 09). With the right fin, it will stil work with 5.7 for you and it will feel much easier with smaller sails.

1st March 2009, 05:15 AM
Thanks Ola and ray,
That's helped a lot.
I think I will keep my 05 Evo for light days but purchase a kode 68L or Evil twin 70L. If I already have an Evo would a Kode be the best option as we do have great down the line conditions where I sail?

2nd March 2009, 03:07 AM
The new breed of EVOs, which the 66 is an excellent example of, are VERY good down the line boards. As is of course the Kodes 68. It is mostly a matter of style and what you want from the board. If you like the kind of easy turning and vertical style your E74 offers in mushy stuff, the E66 will provide this in good sideshore stuff. But the Kode will draw a more secure long turn and give a more direct rail driving feel and be even easier to manage in a speedy carving top turn. And the EVO 66 will overlap more into high wind but still kind of onshore and mushy waves too (if you get that sometimes). And in fact, at your weight I think you will be MUCH more on the E66 than you might think at first. 5.7 will not work, but everything else.

So, while the Kode 68 is still a valid option (and despite that it is always interesting to try another style of board), I think the EVO 66 is the best option for you.