View Full Version : 09 serenity or 08 closeout

mr vfr
6th March 2009, 03:53 AM
Hi E and/or R
Noticed that Starboard has redesigned the Serenity hull shape and added a small 8" tail fin for 09. Don't know if they changed the center fin tho. Do these changes make it easier to sail and turn?
Also saw other threads here on fin selection - I have a stock 58cm from a 165 Go and a 48cm Tectonics (never used much - too small on the GO, but it was cheap on ebay) and 58cm someweed.
So would I be good to go on a closeout 08 or is the 09 a big improvement ($400 worth!) ?
Sail gusty lakes or the Miss. river wide spot, lake Pepin, in SE Minn. 200# 5' 10" senior. Sails are 9.0 retro, 7.6 WW race, 6.6 pryde race.
Thanks Wayne