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9th March 2009, 06:56 PM
I need a board for sails <5m, I'm 88 kg, especially in 30knots+ and in chopppy conditions.

Which are the real volume of this 2 board?
Which board does plane early?
Which board is the easiest to control in choppy condition?

p.s. I just bought kode 94 carbonwood: it's a fantastic board,
it planes early, it's fast and easy to sail, jibe and jump, it's simply perfect, I'm very happy, congratulations to Tiesda!!!!:):)

9th March 2009, 07:43 PM
I think the Kode 80 is a liter or two below quoted (which didn't stop 90kg Kevin P from putting around pretty good on it with a 5.7 at the Cabo Verde WC event). I think the EVO 75 is pretty much spot on 75 liters.

It is VERY difficult so say which one of these you will feel is the earliest planer and the has the best control. They ranges are simply to similar while the styles are rather dissimilar. So it is likely that your personal sailing style and preferences will mean more than any "objective" difference in performance.

If you can say some more about the conditions you will use the board in, we might be able to better explain the difference between the two.

9th March 2009, 08:47 PM
I especially sail in choppy, bump and jump conditions. It's very often gusty wind, even if the wind is 30+ knots..
I love flat deck boards, they are easy to sail and stable, they can be really recommended for high wind freeride/freestyle use on flat water.. I don't like sideshore shape for this conditions, they are not designed for that, they are ike crazy horses in straight line...
so I need a board confortable to sail in this situation, with a very good capability to plane through the lulls, relative to the size of the board (and I have to admit relative to the surfer:p) and with a easy control in choppy..

I could see the kode 80 and the evo 75, they are quite similar shapes, for me it's difficult to understand the main differences. They have quite similar max width, volume and rage, they seem easy to sail in wide range of conditions.


9th March 2009, 09:04 PM
If you like flat decks, the EVO 75 s a VERY flat deck shape, while the Kode 80 is mode doomed with thinner rails. But the Kode 80 still has a really fast rocker and a nice smooth v configuration and it is a very easy riding and directional board in high wind. In fact the rocker is very, very similar to you bigger Kode 94 and the general feel too. Rails are a bit softer and lower and then the outline is different with a more pinched in tail, but otherwise they are similar, which is something that shines though when you ride the two. So, as far as wave boards go, the Kode 80 is an excellent freerider. In light wind, the Kode gets its effectiveness from the fast rocker and a kind of "fin driven" ride. This makes it easy to sail, also if you're kind of heavy on your back foot.

The EVO gets its control more from a softer feel and a bit more rocker. The single concave helps too, making the boards deflect a bit less when it hits chop. It will not like to be driven as much over then fin but prefers a more upright sailor style. This goes both in high wind and in light wind. The EVO has its flattest point of the rocker further forwards and is more curvy i the rear. So when underpowered and when going upwind, you probably want to sailing with lass back foot pressure.

Once on wave, the EVo will be much quicker turning at slower speed, onshore, muchy waves etc. The Kode will be more stable in bigger waves and provide more positive feedback from its rails, effectively making the board feel like its carving more precise.

In jibes in shoppy waters, I would say the Kode is much easier. The EVO has a tendency to turn too sharply. The Kode kan be turned well both in short turn over the back foot and then REALLY excels when you push it hard in a longer turn with a lot of rail in the water. I've yet to come across a board that you can push to hard through chop when jibing.

So, I think that for your application, the Kode 80 should be the best board. Especially since you like your Kode 94 so much. I think that if you think of a high wind version of it and then add some extra smoothness from the narrower tail, you get a pretty good idea of how the K80 will ride.

10th March 2009, 06:38 PM
thank you for your feedback, I think I'll go for k80.
I ask you another confirm, just to understand well: k80 is not a sideshore wave board even if its shape derived from acid80.

11th March 2009, 04:19 PM
Well, the Kode 80 is a pure wave board, especially good in big, clean sideshore waves. BUT, it achieves this by having a fast rocker, control oriented shape and generally just good high speed behavior. So, maybe somewhat paradoxically, it is an EXCELLENT B&J board too. This goes for the Pure Acid too.

Many mag tests over the years confirm the Acids (and now the Kodes, also the small ones) are great "freeride"/high wind blasting boards, so you don't need to fear their "side shore heritage" makes them to radical or anything.

12th March 2009, 10:03 AM
I can confirm Ola's thoughts: acids are excellent sideshore waveboards (so I've heard , cause I never sail in waves) and are also excellent bump/jump boards in gnarly chaotic water state (where I use my 74). I don't know why you think sideshore wave boards are not good for b/j. Many sailors of different abilities confirmed that these are very good at b/j (acid, dacurve, chango, etc), while at the same time they found "onshore/newgen" wave shapes (such as evo) too "skatey/squirrely" (in a lack of a better description). You want straight(ish) rocker, narrow tail and some V - none of which you'll find on an evo.
If you need further explanation of these differences, I could find a couple of older discussions.

Good luck

Ola wrote:"while the Kode 80 is mode doomed with thinner rails"
I certainly hope Kode is not doomed ;-)))))

15th March 2009, 01:08 AM
thank you Screamer,
If you can find some other discussions about this issue, i would be happy.
Today I bought tke k80 carbonwood, so if I'm wrong I'm late:p:p
When I can sail it, I'll tell you my impressions!!